Zack Arias Flash Photography – 5 Min Portrait

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. “I think” you are wrong again. The sillouette is made because the background is much brighter then the subject in the foreground. Nothing to do with filters. It is again a matter of exposure. The flashes do not need to be that powerful either.

  2. You are wrong. Educate yourselves before you go around misinforming people.

    It is all about flash setting, shutter speed and aperture setting. And yes, regarding the photo at 07:38, you can get a “similar” result with a built in flash. Regarding most of the other shots, you need two or more flashes as used in the video.

  3. TimothyCappPhoto

    I love that I know what camera he is using by the shutter sound. Oh 5d2, and your clunky shutter. How we love you.

  4. photographe06

    Great job Zack!

  5. that’s a nice house..

  6. EnhancedImagination

    That is the coolest loft of all time.

  7. I think the 2 flashes in the back make a big “explosion” of light that makes the silloutte. I think its not that hard, just 2 powerfull flashes with a kind of filter in front of them. I dont know what filter but I think that would be enough.

  8. Thanks for the answer. Do you also need filters that direct the light in a certain way so that it doesn’t spread around?

  9. That would be very hard to impossible, you need to have special filters over the flash so it doesn’t give so much light.

  10. How do you keep the light only showing on you and not the wall?
    Is it posible to these kinda pictures with just the built in flash? (the pictures taken around 7-8 minutes)

  11. CrazyClownGuy

    Why are the two top comments the same and by the same person?

  12. Looks like Jared is bored…

  13. holy, i love these photos.

  14. these photos are amazing *_*

  15. Fast shutter and fast lights. There is light in the room, but the shutter speed is so fast, that the sensor only receives the “fast” light. If you shoot with a blazing fast shutter speed in a well lit place, the picture will be underexposed.

  16. How is it that its well lit in your space but it is dark?
    Flashes for me is a territory unvisited

  17. did he mention what type of grid he put on the flashes?

  18. omg those shots are amazing, 😮

  19. aaawsome shots with the 3rd flash in there

  20. franciscacarstens

    My favourite comment at 09:50 – “Don’t fix it in Photoshop. Don’t be that idiot.”

  21. barbas de chivo

  22. Hi Jared,
    May i know what is the setting on 12:12 to 12:45?
    Please help.
    thanks 🙂


  24. That was very interesting and is seeding many ideas now…

  25. Amazing – I have watched this thing over and over and am still learning