What lights to use for Portraits

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  1. BirdOfParadise777

    A foot switch? Oh, now that would be a dream come true! Does it work for the video too to start and stop? Does it work with many cameras or only specific´╗┐ ones? Thank you for this comparison. It helps a lot. ­čÖé

  2. Well that’s the problem they do seem to have a yellow green tinge, that wouldn’t be too bad except the´╗┐ bulb seems to enhance some blues as well, so when correcting the yellow green, we must add a fraction of magenta and blue, that causes bigger problem with the blues, now this isn’t dramatic, although does mean a bit more careful post production with color selecting to solve the problem.
    Look forward to seeing you on itchy. (not my site btw, I’m just an advisor)
    All the best phill

  3. Hi greetings. I started using daylight color balanced 5000k 45watt CFL lights. The prices are very affordable.´╗┐ They work great. I use them mainly for product photos. Although like you’ve mentioned some of my photos tend to have a very slight yellowish shade. Would appreciate your comments. BTW I’ve registered at your itchyphoto website. It’s great.

  4. Thank´╗┐ you again . You are a Master Teacher.

  5. Very nice of you to say that unfortunately´╗┐ comments like that are not really allowed and the powers at you tube may remove the remark, it’s a shame but thanks anyway ­čÖé

  6. EntropiaMusic

    Thanks again,´╗┐ Phill!

  7. Gracias, very´╗┐ interesting Video!

  8. SuperCriticalstrike

    sure´╗┐ do buddy

  9. That’s what a wife ‘s for isn’t it, :)) No some times I use a remote control under my foot and´╗┐ I pre focus on a light stand that I put next to my chair.
    My next video will be tomorrow , a review of the remote control I use.

  10. Thanks very much´╗┐ , much appreciated.

  11. On the bottom of each page on itchy there’s a report a problem box, could you file a report please, and then I can talk to the powers that be, thanks, it should be solved´╗┐ tomorrow.
    Thanks for the comment

  12. Yep totally agree. I’d also suggest that that everyone who read this, from time to time click on some of the´╗┐ adverts to help reward his generosity; it’s the least we could do!

  13. Useful as always…thanks phill, for some reason itchyphoto will not let me upload !´╗┐

  14. Really good videos u´╗┐ got. I subbed

  15. You deserve many´╗┐ more views good sir! I WILL pass this on! ­čÖé

  16. Nice vid. I have a question though, how do you operate the camera – mainly the focusing – when you’re´╗┐ the subject?

  17. I really like your videos.. keep´╗┐ it up… your great.

  18. Thank´╗┐ you kindly Phill!