Wedding & Portrait Photography Tips & Advice by Bambi Cantrell

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  1. use the youtube editor weeeeee!!!

  2. you actually did it

  3. BonusVideoView

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  4. livinginthepast3

    this is a very helpful vid. Thanks!

  5. 1 year ago and not fixed until now :p

  6. dedyandrianto

    0:50 Siri?

  7. Trustedbrandsss

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  8. not much in her backgrounds???? 2:21 mark and there is a f**king toilet in the background, you suck!!

  9. Great tips!

  10. blacklanternz

    Meh, I like nature, not people. thanks for the tips though, I’m sure it will help1

  11. I registered her wedding lecture with adorama, i cant wait to meet her in person. She is AWESOME!

  12. Still not fixed

  13. good girl

  14. very very informative, really. liked it a lot, honestly i’ve never heard about her before but i’m gonna check her up immidiatly!

  15. wow amazing stuff…. thanks!

  16. LillyBunnsBoutique

    That’s so awesome for your! My brother is paralyzed from the waist down. I’ll be shooting his wedding soon and am doing my research, as I’m not a pro. I’m so glad they have equipment like this for you!

  17. She’s just so professional!

  18. the picture at 5:24 is so beautiful

  19. thanks for alerting us we’ll get this fixed with YouTube

  20. StolenPixelite

    @marcsilber 0:56 – 1:13 it blacks out and has no sound…

  21. thank you I’m glad you were able to find her video and her unique inspiration. please send over your images so we can share your joy of advancing your photography

  22. Lovely inspiring video.
    I’ve been paralysed from the neck down for 20 years. I’ve just ordered a mouth operated shutter release for my 450D and will be out rediscovering my love of photography as soon as it arrives

  23. yes she is amazing, thanks for checking out our vids

  24. nice photo tips …

  25. dendelionnum1

    very clear explanation but it was too complicated for me. i like the way u used your effort on this video ^_^ but i think my country does not have background that look so nice and lol i actually look ugly