Wedding Photography Portraits

Portrait Photography Video Score: four / 5

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  1. Lol you video and your personality is just cool man

  2. @barzfxm yep i agree. i am always using killer effects making softwares, after i click photos in my Nikon D700. And i heard that many photography experts are using this software to give attractive effects to their photos after they capture it. i damn sure you will love this video which explains everything that i told you >->

  3. kewllll vids

  4. I totally agree :/ Not so great photos, imo of course 😉


  6. JayGeeWeddings

    Nice work 🙂

  7. hahaha…he blocks a full stop huh? hahaha that is hilarious

  8. Hi Jared. Do you do color correction on your monitor before you edit the raw files?
    Please like the comment so he can see it

  9. weddingsinflorence

    Great channel!!!! =D

  10. roughneckinit

    How would you recommend starting out as a photography business.. How would you advertise etc. Thanks Fro!

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  12. Damn he must be pretty big to block out more light than your big ass afro.

  13. adobe lightroom

  14. bridgettemichelle92

    what software are you using?

  15. Greg is a (F)ROCK when it comes to light blocking :-D Love you Greg 😉

  16. would it be nice if you turn this to black & white? thanks for all the knowledge on the web!

  17. would it be nice if you turn this to black & white? thanks all for the knowledge on the web!

  18. InFrameProduction

    Having her sister out of focus is really cool…

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  20. WOOH LIGHTROOM, you rawk xD!

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  23. Incredible pictures Jared! Amazing!

  24. woah thats friggin sharp

  25. LOL