Wedding, Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer, Diana Elizabeth: How’d They Do That?

Portrait Photography Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. None,. just a TON of makeup.

  2. Asian people usually have good skin. She’s a beautiful woman so stop picking on her and get a life!

  3. @Diana – don’t care about the botox message – you are an attracting woman – and you pictures are great 🙂

  4. DianaElizabethPhoto

    actually i have never used botox in my entire life – i swear on a bible. i believe it’s called being asian and blessed with good skin 🙂

  5. How much botox is this woman using

  6. MARK WALLACE – A.K.A – Steve Jobs - bald wearing black shirts….

  7. She’s Gorgeous!

  8. if you go to her website>diana>loves the first thing she says she loves is Jesus Christ

  9. yeah maybe because she is a bit nervous/shy.

  10. show us YOUR pictures

  11. I love your style. I like the fact that you use mainly natural light and poses. I am not a fan of posed fake pictures. Steve. ilightsoflife com

  12. Wow a beautiful, smart girl who’s great w/ the cam. HOT!
    Hands off Mark you’re already married :), but I am NOT! 🙂

  13. 00:39 A bible. 🙂

  14. well tell her that and show her better….if you can’t thats just rude

  15. that lady is super hot !!!

  16. Really enjoyed the video, although sometimes it was hard to follow her. I’m not a native English speaker and her speech seemed a lil fast to me. All in all, good video, good pictures. Thanks Mark & Adorama people!

  17. Asian pride! 😉

  18. Mark great interview…

  19. Thank you Adorama for these great videos. I found your channel just last week and have already watched over 20 of these.

  20. where’s the link to the products associated with the video?

  21. Thanks Mark, I enjoy it very much. I have one question, was the Olympus camera part of her working gear or was it just to show she owns a film camera? It will be nice to know if it is part of her working gear how she utilizes it. Thanks for the nice interview…

  22. one of the best interviews

  23. canon fun girl..

  24. 1 heck of a name! And Mark you are such a good interviewer!

  25. Hi Mark, I’m an avid follower of your videos… love them for their interesting and educational topics.

    I have to say, that Ms. Elizabeth, aside from her skill as a photographer, has got to be one of the most beautiful photographers I have seen. She could easily be in front of the camera modeling.