WDC Outdoor Portraits Masterclass with John Freeman

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. gtavicecityfan02

    John freeman had to ride faster on his motorcycle and get there fast because he needed to take photo

  2. blackisredandblue

    John Freeman You are cool.


  4. mannydeguzmanjartist

    I agree. for a 17 mm – 200 mm zoom lens, f2.8 is fast as it has bigger aperture opening than most entry level kit zoom lens which doesn’t go below f/4.5, like my Nikon AFS DX 18 mm-105 mm

  5. An other tip… tell “fantastic” a lot of times!!! Models love it!!! XD

  6. summerdying111

    Shes sexy. i would like one of those pics of her topless

  7. Great video thanks so much

  8. really help full , thank u

  9. i’ve just bought a 550d, can you advise me please !! with a SDHC 16GO ,,i can’t shot more than 2 sec video in 720p !!! :s:s

    there are no stars anymore…


    5 star vid 🙂 really helpful.

  12. TaurusPresents

    Good information

  13. John Freeman: Saver of Humens

  14. theoakleystore

    this is very interesting, but
    what about NIGHT portraits?
    I would like to see a masterclass for portrait with flash in night situations as i think is much more complicated and the need of tripod is a must.

  15. a diffuser above her head would also improve the final aspect of the photo or at least to put her somewhere in the shadow.

    Facing her with the back to sun is a good idea

  16. WhatDigitalCamera

    Yes, f/2.8 is fast for a 70-200mm telephoto lens capable of covering a full frame DSLR sensor.

  17. A good video, great to get some help in this area.

  18. SaganAppreciationSoc

    I’d like to see this reshot with the Canon T1i/500D, just to show how useless it is when the light changes during a video.

  19. SaganAppreciationSoc

    f2.8 is “fast”? The Sony F717 was f2.

    BTW if you’d shot this video on the (supposedly Hi-Def) Canon EOS Rebel T1i /500D, the exposure would have been dark and it would have gone nuts every time you moved the reflector around her face.

  20. Great training! Practical and easy to understand.

  21. briarcliffbaron

    a most excellent video. . . ..many thanks. John is an excellent explainer of things, and he covered real life situations and problems here . . . .well done.

  22. sirNemanjapro

    Finally a decent video.

  23. Great tips … Thanks!

  24. WhatDigitalCamera

    A Panasonic Lumix GH1

  25. what was this filmed with ?