Viewfinders: Portrait Photography with Sarah Small

Portrait Photography Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. lettucepicker

    stop arguing whether this is art or not.

    argument like this make stupid people think any sexual works can be art.
    sex is one element of art, not all about art.
    also it’s up to you if it’s art or not. no one can deny your perception or other way around.

    if you think it’s art, it’s art. and if you think it’s not, then it’s not.

    but personally i don’t find her works are significant.
    it’s something which have been done million times in art world.
    nothing new and nothing interesting

  2. why take nude photos depicting the act of perversion? what kind of mixed message is this photographer sending? That it’s wrong or is she taking these kind of depicted photos to suffice her own inner perversion while justifying it as art. It’s one thing to draw the human body and take photos in an artistic form, but to take erotic sexual perverted photos and calling it art is borderline Porn. in fact it’s considered soft porn.

  3. richyearle007

    This is different,i did not find this obscene in the slightest but some of the ridiculous comments that have been made blows my mind.I want to some day be a professional photographer.This goes to show how many different aspects there are to this field and above all to keep an open mind.Some people will always have something negative to say.A pic of two insects mating will be seen as educational and fascinating by some and disgusting by others,i am sure….cheers………………..nice work


  5. nm both of the trolls have been banned .. “eatmytool” where telling minors to strip and service him on other videos.

  6. Shame and innocence huh? Grow your head out of the dark ages- Or atleast see that most of the rest of the world moved on from the age of shame.

  7. why do you keep referring to them as “kids”?? what are you? 70 yrs old? those posing nude are ADULTS. i do have children (very young), but if they grow up and want to do this…more power to them! it’s not like they’re on a pole in some dank club, or out on a street corner!… “smut”…you are brainwashed. this is allowed because it’s ART, and it’s unfortunate that its happened upon by immature boys, and overly sensitive fuddy duddys, such as yourself…this isn’t for you..move along

  8. actually, i was searching for videos on portrait photography to better myself as a photographer and i was unfortunately subjected to this smut which still baffles me as to how its allowed to be displayed publicly on youtube. I feel awful for these kids, maybe you will understand when you have children of your own.

  9. says the guy who posts videos about “shooting zombies”…take your own advice and grow up. If you weren’t a PERVERT! you wouldn’t jump to conclusions. I’m an advocate of the second amendment and open carry. So if you break into my house…you WILL eat my tool! Like I said before…the way your mind works and thinks, it’s DISGUSTING! For some reason, you sexualize everything! are you addicted to porn or something? Like I said before, you REALLY need psychiatric attention! Plz get help

  10. I almost took you seriously and then I realized you chose a user name that says “eat my tool”, clearly you are not at a maturity level to even hold an adult conversation.

  11. you know who would agree with you?? communist china, or extremist muslims who expect their people to be wrapped up head to toe.
    1st. there are NO naked children in this vid
    2nd. there were no children with naked adults!
    You have been brainwashed into thinking the naked body is something dirty. i feel very sad for you, because you obliviously you view yourself as being ugly, therefore, everyone else is ugly. I highly recommend you seek mental help. you CLEARLY need it.

  12. wow where did that come from?

  13. I don’t get it

  14. The abuse is you are putting the children in a circumstance at an age where they aren’t capable of making appropriate decisions for themselves. How do you think they are going to feel when they’re in high school and a classmate happens upon one of these photos? You are putting you own wants and “needs” ahead of an innocent child’s who looking back 10-20 years from now might regret taking their clothes off and having you take pictures of them. You are selfish you are sick & you should be ashamed

  15. Your work seems to provoke; certainly polarise and that must be good thing.
    I find it all a bit meaty; or raw fleshy; fairly disturbing with a sort of bad dream quality to it; and that is not meant in a negative fashion as art is as art does.
    I’m just a bit miffed that i got suckered into watching it by the innocuous title; but maybe that was the plan.

  16. haikalgmail90

    art..??? GTH..

  17. nice photoshoot of nice girl

  18. This is art?????????

  19. CharlesDHall1961

    I don’t have a problem with the subject matter. I only wondered how you make a living shooting the subject matter. I mean, who buys it?

  20. Very good stuff, great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Great Video.. some amazing images.  On a side note.. people are idiots. Equating nudity with child abuse is about as ignorant as it gets. I guess the fact that those two folks have Justin Bieber and the Oakridge Boys as their favorite videos says a lot. Georgia.. lol.

  22. Where is the abuse?

  23. It;s art, not porn. Grow up or go home if you can’t understand it you puritan shit.

  24. this is child abuse

  25. briarcliffbaron

    you may defend your point of view all you wish, but I do believe that you’ll be in legitimate and well-deserved legal trouble wih images of children ( 1:01), or at any rate naked persons who appear to be children. I advise pulling this video “immediately”.