Using Portrait Professional Version 10

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I absolutely love this program, and my clients love the outcome of their pictures. A must get, and in a photographers arsenal of tools.

  2. You can do the same with photoshop, only takes longer.

  3. these people commenting on how changing bone structure is criminal and eliminating pores should be banned would never make it in the photography business. as a photographer i don’t define beauty i simply take and make images that fit society’s definition of beauty.

  4. I was just noticing at the 1:1 level there seems to be a noticable editing difference to the skin, like a bad coating of makeup; and wondered how this prints out. Was thinking it maybe something new to editing may not notice until the print was recieved. I am an Adobe user, though bought the PPS 10, am thinking to use it for friends or those interested in online only; not 100 percent convinced I’ll use it on images to print.

  5. I Have. They come out great. As with any enlargement, it all depends on the resolution of the original.

  6. EclypseSportHorses

    Have you made enlargements from these by now, and if so how was the 1:1 quaility?

  7. it keep crashing y please help

  8. But maybe they don’t look “their” absolute best, because it’s total fake to change even Bone-Structures. Maybe also a Phorographer who takes lots of money shouldn’t make ten clicks with a 130€ software and call himself “Artist”.
    People with Scars are maybe rare, and maybe a real Digital Artist with PS does a better job than Automatitions.

    I get your points, but I don’t think it’s the whole truth.

  9. 20 guys have a mouse

  10. Do you think that they will make a version that works with MAC’s that use the power pc chip?

  11. Thanks for posting. Version 10 is on sale for $39.90 today and you’ve helped me made a decision to buy it.

  12. all faces? or can i do full body?

  13. Pete…OUTSTANDING VIDEO…you know what!!!! This is to ALL the people who have negative “ANYTHING” to say about this video, or what this software does….do you really have to sit here and be negative and even watch this. GO AWAY!!! We photographers have jobs to do and the clients who want to look their absolute best. Think of what a burn victim or someone with a scar that they would like to see removed from their photo. You guys with your negative comments make me SICK…REALLY!!!

  14. No worries. I appreciate your feedback!
    All the best!

  15. I apologize for the caps lock, I was critiquing the society that decided to make beauty completely unattainable rather than recognize the beauty that already exists. Thanks for the tutorial, I was investigating after I saw an ad with the before and after.

  16. I don’t disagree. Just showing what the software can do.

    That girl was gorgeous to begin with, no editing required.
    honestly though, CHANGING HER BONE STRUCTURE?!

  18. I have downloaded this software today and it’s the BOMB.

  19. Bravo…Excellent software, and thanks for sharing this video!!!!!

  20. Thanks for sharing your tutorial and thoughts on this program. I am going to purchase this software now, thanks for getting me “off the fence” good job!

  21. Why, when demonstrating PP, do the ‘original’ pictures always look like they were taken with Velvia? No competent portrait photographer would process a RAW or scanned image in such a manner.

    Even then, I invariably prefer the original image of a real person over the grotesque wax-skinned space alien that emerges from the ‘output end’ of this wretched software.