“Urban Portrait Photography”

Portrait Photography Video Score: five / five

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  1. radmonkeygirl

    i love urban scenes…but i am always worried about trespassers and onlookers…do you always take a team with you when you shoot??

  2. that music adds some extra effect to those fantastic pictures…

  3. veleiroasterix

    very good!

  4. Your photos are amazing…Like the other comments, the girl in the blue dress was my favourite, as well as images 1.26 and 2.47.
    The haunting music choice suits the video perfectly.

  5. Astounding setting and lighting (and ladies). A very expressive collection of images. [0.29] [1.02] [1.21] and [2.28] are my highlights on exhibit here though I think the full set is fantastic!

  6. splufftonlodge

    another outstanding collection with a stunning final shot. its clear your ‘subjects’ enjoy being photographed – and who wouldn’t with such talent?!

  7. girl in the blue dress.

  8. JanineSimonePhotos

    is that the girl in the blue in the derelict house or the girl in the bath?

  9. nice collection.very different.shot at 0:29 is my favourite,i think it’s beautiful but loved them all.your best collection to date.