TWiT Photo 46: WPPI 2012 | Is Technology A Menace to Photography?

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. that chase the trends and those that create them. The trendsetters in music will get re-signed by their labels and the trend followers will eventually get dropped and show up on VH1’s “Where are they now?” Same with photographers… the trend followers will get the budget buyers that just need pictures to document the day, but the trendsetters and masters of their craft will get paid thousands by those that value something that is visionary and truly art and not just a product.

  2. either prove not talented enough (the technology can only cover up their faults for so long) or they’re not innovative/creative enough to retain an audience/clientele beyond a few years because the can’t adapt to a changing market. Also in both, you will have the exceptional overnight successes who do have talent and creativity and the drive to keep bettering themselves and pushing the limit and are able to bring their fanbase along as they change and grow. Both industries with have those…

  3. Now, anyone with a Mac can record a high quality single in GarageBand and distribute it via social media. Or skip that… just record yourself on a Flip cam and upload it to YouTube and Ellen Degeneres or Usher can discover you and rocket you to stardom. In both photography and music, the reduced barriers to entry mean the market becomes flooded and there can be a lot more people making at least some money from their art/”art”. In both industries, you will have the flashes in the pan that…

  4. I don’t think the photography industry is alone in being affected both positively and negatively by technology. Look at the music industry. You can’t tell me that 15 years ago, anybody who has the moniker of “Real Housewife of ____” could record a single and distribute it and make money from it, and then record another single and go on tour, etc, etc. New artists used to have to peddle poorly recorded cassette tapes to labels and play to tiny crowds in bars in hopes of being discovered…

  5. Jeremy Cowart surrounded by wedding photographers… this must be a nightmare scenario for him. haha. This is awesome stuff!

  6. Great panel. I know I suck and look to people who are true craftsman to learn how to suck less.

  7. Awesome line “Damn those Digital kids!! Get off my lawn!!

  8. IF u want the note on Verizon sigh this petition (