The Assignment Portrait Photography Tutorial

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Ciula corvo!!!!!

  2. No model release needed. It’s in a public space. They have no privacy rights in public. If you were standing on the street and photographing them inside a building then you would need a release form.

  3. LOL. Well said 🙂

  4. Thanks, this is a good example showing no matter how expensive the equipments are, how interesting the subject is, and we could still take terrible pics. 🙂

  5. thanks for an amazing video!

  6. miss my city so much after have seen this video!

  7. madaraddeumiployolbc

    Real benaughty brides are there  ****

  8. Actual Be Naughty brides

  9. I don’t ‘do people’. But I’m trying to figure out how. Thanks for the advice.

  10. So, I hate to be so ignorant, but were model releases obtained from these people? Why, or why not? Thanks

  11. these are very nice photos i wish they had More of these vids 🙁 there amazing and i htink there really interesting

  12. you’re damn right. that is a wild lens to have.

  13. only takes a some curve in photo shop or some other editing program to bring the contrast and saturation to where you need depending on where its used. Camera’s are NOT the last or only word in contrast and saturation- you can program them like any other ‘puter software.

  14. i was thinking that aswel. alittle over exposed and tiny bit blurry. i like it sharp.

  15. some good tips. looks like a fun festival to go to as well!

  16. why are they all over exposed? :S