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Jun 13

How To Market Your Portrait Photography Business – 4×8 Marketing Machine

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Apr 13

Photographing wildlife

Longtime bird watcher and photographer Tim Johnson wants to visit a place very soon. The tour leader of the Salem Audubon Society sets his binoculars on the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge as well as the scope to see its forests, wetlands and fields in search of rare bird species.

He will look for the curved break of a whimbrel, the speckled coat of a black bellied plover or the small white and brown bosy of a solitary sandpiper. Tim told that every once in a while, one would see something rare. In Spring, there is a mass migration of shore-birds and that is quite cool.

Some birds are not down for long, but it is really very neat to watch them stopping over. This migration coincides with spring opening of Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex that includes close to Salem places of William L. Finley, Basket Slough and Ankeny.

Shut in big part since late autumn to offer migrating birds’ winter sanctuary, including the endangered bird species – dusky Canada geese, all 3 opened for public in full from 1st April. Jock Beall, who is a biologist at Willamette Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex, told that the the vast majority of interior regions open up for around unrestricted walking. The birds become a whole lot more tolerant of people during spring. This time people could get a lot closer to them. This is also the best time for photography.

Apr 13

Portrait Photography – by John Goldstein Professional Photography and Video Production

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Mar 13

Headshots & Portrait Photography : Headshots & Portrait Photography: Hair Lights

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Jan 13

Photography students aim to help others

Last summer, Jason Berryman read an article on 100Cameras, which is a program to give cameras to the impoverished. After few months Jason Berryman as well as his students of photography at the Topeka West High School got enough money to buy a camera which was sent to India to empower a youth.

The 100Cameras program started in NYC by 4 women on the preface that a child could take a camera inside their own community in ways in which an outsider could not. The very first photography program happened in Sudan in late 2008. Later those photographs were displayed in an exhibit that was attended by over 80 people. By the spring of 2009, people’s interest grew and 100Cameras was incorporated. Photography events had taken place in places like New York City, Cuba and recently in India.

In 2012’s October, the team of 100cameras went to India’s Madurai to teach photography to kids at their home. They selected 15 kids and taught them how to use camera. After all the kids spent time clicking pictures in their own community. Later those pictures were sold to 100Cameras; more importantly the community served with their fund and medical aid.

Berryman came to know about the project and talked about the idea of raising US$ 500 to take part in Adopt-A-Camera program. The program lets one kid living in repressed community to take part in 100Cameras photography education program.

Dec 12

Daragh Muldowney captures stunning pictures

Irish photographer Daragh Muldowney’s inspiration for his newest collection of work and study of the coastal rock pools of Ireland started when he was a child. Since he was grown up near the coast, he came to appreciate the hidden beauty along the shoreline. He told that this quality has helped him to influence his new photo exhibition that took place in Atlanta and a photo book called “Jewellery Box – Ireland’s Hidden Gems”.

Daragh used an old Canon camera and a whole lot of lenses, but he had no artificial lightings or any filter. The forty one year old photographer went to all of Ireland’s seventeen coastal counties with campervan for over a half year of travels.

At times he clicks in wind, rain or other problems for weeks in a wetsuit only and also don a couple of kneepads to hold the right shot. Muldowney told that ‘Jewellery Box’ shows his revolution as an artist.
The exhibition started on 8th November. While speaking to Global Atlanta, he told that it was really a nice metaphor for the rock pools as they are very beautiful, and what he was trying to show people that there was much beauty just under their toes if they just stop and look at it.

He added that it was like jewelry for the soul to him and that is the most important type. It is something that warms and sings on the inner side by watching lovely. It is not only rock pools, all of his work is about revealing the detail that people generally overlook.

Nov 12

TWiT Photo 46: WPPI 2012 | Is Technology A Menace to Photography?

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Nov 12

Solo Show Of A Local Photographer

A solo exhibition of a local photographer was held in the famous Gardiner Gallery at Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Centre in Frederick. The name of the local photographer is Eve Turek.

The exhibition entitled ‘Offerings from the Heart’ started at the end of August with 51 best photographs of Turek which even included the Outer Banks seascapes, birds, wildlife and even landscapes straight from the American west.

Photographer Eve and her husband Pete possess the Yellowhouse Gallery and also a frame shop in Nags Head. It was in the year 1969 when the Yellowhouse was founded and it was owned by the Turek family in the year 2005.

Since childhood Eve has been photographing and she learned to print the black and white 35mm film when he was reading in high school. Not only she is a photographer but is also a reporter and associate editor for Outer Banks Current newspaper house. She has also worked as an Information Officer for 2 years. She also holds a Master Degree from Prescott College.

Turek’s photographs reflect her enthusiasm for her work and the sense of connection that she has felt while clicking those pics. Her each and every image tells a different story and that’s what attracts her photography. She is highly expecting that her photography will flash experiences of her connection with those who out looking these pictures. She wants to let the folk see the world in a different way.

Oct 12

Sport Photography Tips – Delly Carr

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Sep 12

Outdoor Family Portraits & Engagement Shoot. Children Kids Photography Tutorial Tips Natural light

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