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Oct 16

The Largest Photography Contest Starts off with Some Breathtaking Shots

This year the famous photography contest known as the Sony World Photography Award is going to be grander and the names of the juries have already been announced.

This gala event is now pouring with some amazing photographs by the competitors who are all waiting to be the chosen one for the position of the prestigious Sony Award Photographer.

Eminent professionals will judge the photos that are submitted in the various contests like National Award, Youth Competition, Student Focus Contest,Professional Competition, and last but not the least, the Open Competition.

Winners of the contest will get a huge amount of money, besides being gifted with the high technology digital photography equipment sponsored by Sony. They will also get to showcase themselves in some of the biggest platforms.

The global recognition that they are going to get will work in favor of them in future. The name of the winners will get declared in 2017, dated 20th April. This is going to happen in London, through a mega-ceremony celebrating photography to a great extent. The winners’ name will be in the award book of 2017. Winning amount is $25000, and it will be acquired by the one who will be selected as the overall professional winner. The participant who will end up being the overall open winner will receive $5000.
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Mar 16

Photographer takes Twitter to court

A photographer has set up a copyright infringement lawsuit against social networking giant Twitter, stating that the social media firm did not remove a photo taken by her that was posted without her permission. She told that the company did not act even after she passed several DMCA takedown requests to have the photo deleted.


According to reports, Jenny B Campbell, the Wisconsin-based photographer, filed her charge at a federal court in California earlier this week. Jennifer stated that after she discovered that her snaps being uploaded on Twitter, she reportedly sent 28 notices to the company about a large number of infringements. The company acted on a few of them, but 50 of the 56 infringements were not taken down.

The snap at the center of the lawsuit is named “Red Lips And Microphone,” and it is being sold by Jennifer as a fine art print. It appeared that this snap was taken and modified via image manipulation program to promote an annual “Poetic Justice” program at University of North Texas. The photo was retweeted several times by those helping to promote the event, including Tim Hensel.

Reilly stated that what has happened in this case is that the social networking giant had actual knowledge of the Infringing Uses. Twitter acted willfully. Alternatively, they directly infringed Jennifer’s copyrights by continuing to allow public access to the Infringing Uses on Twitter’s server.

Mar 14

Photography concentrates of Bisbee program

Allison Otto, a photographer and a videographer, would be the featured teacher for a very special class offered by the Learning Experiential Activities Program, which is a non-profit organization established to serve Bisbee’s youth and children on 1st February. The workshop begins at 10 in the morning and goes through noon at Community Montessori School of Bisbee.

In the workshop, students would learn basic videography and photography skills utilizing their very own cameras, smartphones as well as iPads. They would learn about portraits, capturing action shots, lighting, composition along with basic cropping and editing.

Allison is currently working on a documentary regarding Bisbee and she was recently hired as project manager of the very 1st Bisbee Film Festival. The total cost for the workshop is $25, even though there are scholarships
Learning Experiential Activities Program is a non profit body working for the improvement of Bisbee Community as well as their surrounding regions through sports, recreational and educational activities and experiences. This offers programs for kids aged pre Kindergarten to twelfth grade.

The youth programs would keep a whole lot of kids children engaged in character building and positive activities. The aims of their programs are to educate, enrich and entertain the community youth through affordable programming. Learning Experiential Activities Program also employs kids in active lifestyles to deal the rise in chronic childhood health issues such as obesity and diabetes; getting children outside engaging with natural world in order to halt the rise of nature deficit disorder as well as their numerous side effects and also to give away youth to a range of scopes in sports and recreation.

Aug 13

Dali hosts international photography exhibit

National Geographic Magazine’s exhibition planner Yang Chan told that they would like to use the Dali International Photography Exhibit as a platform to exhibit the top snaps for 125th anniversary of their magazine and let people know about their beautiful works.

The hundred-and-seventy pictures cover 6 categories, starting from humanity to nature. The 1 out of a thousand selection ratio of the magazine has made it one of the top image agencies in the world.

SIPA, a French press agency, has also bought 2 series of works to the exhibit. Meditation is made up of fifty snaps taken during 2008 to 2013, featuring ordinary people’s lives in times of peace and war. While Love in France concentrates on French life during the 1930s as well as 1940s.

Hundred volunteers have been on hand to lead people through the town to places, lectures as well as other planned activities.

The National Geographic’s 2013 Traveler Photo Contest’s winning image was Competitors in the Brazilian Aquathlon run in Rio Negro. The photographer Wagner Araujo, from Brazil, told that he photographed it from the water, and his lens got completely wet, but there was so much energy in these boys that he did not worry about that at all.

Dan Westergren, National Geographic Traveler director of photography as well as one of the judges, told that this snap really caught his attention because of the peak action it depicts. He love the horizontal tension caused by the main subject on his way out of the picture to the right.

Jun 13

Colin Edwards to host wildlife exhibition

Haverhill born pro British wildlife photographer Colin Edwards is all set to host a 9 day exhibit of British wildlife snaps and it would start from 25th May at East Town Park Visitors Centre in Haverhill. Colin Edwards’s photographs have been spotted all across the world as well as his work could often be seen in several leading  photography and wildlife magazines.

He teaches budding shutterbugs from all across the United Kingdom as well as Europe, He has traveled extensively to take pictures of some of the most amazing subjects in wildlife. After getting hundreds of emails that asked him why he has not ever exhibited his work locally. Now he has decided that the time is now right.

Colin Edwards will also arrange two free talk and walk sessions on 25th May when keen photographers can find out regarding the local wildlife as well as pick up some tips on how to take pictures of them. To book a place for the event, you can email or call at 01284 757088. The event will also see the start of a nature and wildlife photography contest.

Speaking about wildlife photography, we must also tell that Michael Jones, a 21 year old college student from Bristol, has won a local nature photography contest. The subject of the competition was nature and wildlife, but participants have to take pictures from their locality. Around fifty students took part in the contest.

Mar 13

Wildlife Photography Contest

The Department of Parks and Community Renewal and the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders  announce the Wildlife Photography Contest 2013 at Mountainside’s Trailside Nature and Science Center. Amateur photographers, starting from age 6, are invited to enter their photographs of wild species in their natural habitat.

One person can submit maximum of two pictures, but only pictures of wildlife species native to the US are eligible for submission. Pictures of pets or domestic animals or exotic wildlife species will not be considered in the list. All pictures should be unframed, un-matted and 5” x 7” color prints or black and white. Pictures must be submitted by 12th April, Friday.

Linda Carter, the Freeholder Chairman told that wild animals are challenging photographic subjects and the Wildlife Photography Contest is a great opportunity for people of all ages to put their skills to the test and attempt to capture animals in their natural habitat.

Photographs in the Wildlife Photography Contest will be judged by professional and local photographers. Prizes will be handed in each of 3 age groups: 6 – 11 years, 12 – 17, and 18 above, based on composition, originality, artistic merit and technical excellence.

Winners will be declared on 28th April, Sunday, during Trailside’s Wild Earth Fest. All snaps will be showcased at Trailside’s Visitor Center through 24th May.

Feb 13

Life after Chernobyl

The photography of Sergei Gaschak offers an unimaginable look at the animal life inside – the zone. This is region of Belarus and Ukraine which has officially been closed off to human habitation after Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe that took place in the year 1986. Utilizing camera traps to take pictures mechanically, and at the same time taking pictures personally, Sergei has caught what just few have been able to watch with their very own eyes – and this is the magnificent diversity of wild species that roam within the zone.

One of the 1st rescuers on the nuclear disaster site, Sergei has devoted many years to capture the pictures of owls, otters, lynxes as well as other wild species. In fact he has also found out the brown bear’s footprints. The exclusion region stretches for 4 around the nuclear reactor site, and includes Pripyat that was a thriving Soviet town once with around fifty thousand inhabitants but it has stayed a ghost town after the disaster.

Over 300000 people evacuated this place in the aftermath of the disaster, and just a few hundred obstinate pensioners have came back, daring government bans regarding settlement inside the zone.

At the time of nuclear disaster, there were just few wild species living in the area near the nuclear plant. After humans moved out of the region in the wake of the catastrophe, wild mammals appeared in the place and thrived. While the animals showed high levels of radiation, still they appear normal. But there were no three-headed deer or giant wolves.

Nov 12

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Oct 12

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Jun 12

Portrait photo workshop by Manfred Baumann

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