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Jun 12

Commercial Photography

As a written description should include benefits and features of a product, a picture, even if mute, should tell those words and thousand more. The basic tenant is to differentiate one brand from another using photography. You will need lots of creative and the best gear you can afford, the competition is ferocious, according to Tim at the Portrait Photographer Derbyshire website!

Seasonal Photography,

Mother’s day; Father’s day; Christmas; Hanukkah; Thanksgiving; Memorial Day; Earth day; Easter; Summer equinox; animal day; etc.

The dates are all over the calendar for you to prepare. Advertise and promote your business with specials according to your creativity.

Calendar and Poster Photography

Many photographers have started with calendars and Posters and book covers. Get to know your local area and offer free calendars for a start. Get known or get your face in their face. Show your talent and equipment and develop a portfolio for the next enterprises.

Keep up to date with technology and new software. Invest in good printing paper and quality tools.

Flower Photography,

Focusing distance will differ from shooting a small and tiny forget-me-not, to a gigantic Fleur du Paradise. The many angles and curves offered by petals and leaves is a challenge to the photographer due to the light differences. Midday is a perfect time to shoot photos of flowers. Get “Clamp Arms”, designed especially for flower photos, and attach them to your tripod or monopod and then to the flower. Use high shutter speed to avoid random movements that even a gentle breeze can produce.

Landscape photography

Generally speaking, a landscape photo is just a landscape, no people, no animals.  Cityscapes (urbanscapes) and seascapes are not landscapes. Keep this in mind when you start shooting.

Abstract Landscapes, It is equal to design and composition without the necessity of an explanation. A dune may be an abstract Landscape if nothing else than the sand is taken.

Inspirational Landscapes, when a landscape tells more than the elements in it. A dying flower surrounded by snow expresses sadness, death and termination.

Representational Landscapes, “The real thing” is represented without any manipulation through lenses or software.

Panorama Photography,

There are in the market several programs to create a panorama with your photos, one is Autostitch and Autopano. It won’t matter in what order you set the pictures once taken, these programs will recognize the order and accommodate them in the proper place.

Use a wide lens.

Take the pictures all in the same day (weather changes will affect the end result)

Panoramas are a horizontal view and as such a tripod will help to shoot all of the photos at the same level. For a fair size panorama you will need at least 40 photos.

How to Merge Photographs

Let’s work this with an example; let’s assume you want to get an envelope in a crest of a wave.

Take the 2 pictures, the ocean wave and the envelope separate.

Photoshop Element 7 will do the rest.

Make sure the envelope is well illuminated if your ocean picture is taken on a sunny day. If the ocean wave is taken in the evening, allow your envelope to be shot with macro and a reflector at 45 degree angle only.

Adriana Martin Hiebsch

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