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Oct 12

O’Brien named for top student photography award

A photography student from the Coventry University has made it to the final round of the well known Guardian Student Media Awards. Forty three year old Dean O’Brien from Tile Hill is now up for the award of Student Photographer of the Year in the prestigious contest for future journalists.

He is one of the 5 candidates who were short listed for the title. The award ceremony will take place on 7th November in London at the Guardian offices. The winner will have the scope to showcase their talent during the 2 weeks work at Guardian.

Dean told that it a huge honor to have been nominated for this award. He will complete his graduation this month and walk out with a 1st class honors degree in Photography. This award is s huge scope for show his work to people within photography and media industry.

To enter this contest, students were required to submit 3 different pictures that tell a tale and highlight both artistic and technical skills and excellence. Dean put forward three pictures from his task which looks at the modern Ukraine and its battle with socioeconomic change and other related issues after the post-Soviet Union independence.

Dean O’Brien has also worked on short films on this very topic and now he is planning for a book for his ‘Destination Unknown’ project. He told that the pictures he put forward has a certain integrity that he feels is quite vital while documenting socioeconomic changes in a troubled nation like Ukraine.