Studio portrait photography using a single light source (Linco flora video/photo lighting kit)

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  1. Wasted my time on the 0:12..I think it’s just a video glitch, interestingly it didn’t affect the rest of the frame.

  2. !!!!!!!! ?

  3. what was that?

  4. she’s Leigh and The SnapChic, Lincoshop sends her lights and then uploads her videos showing off their products….at least that’s what I’ve gathered

  5. watch the balls on the table at :12

  6. Are you Leigh or TheSnapChic or Lincoshop? So confused….

  7. kiransankarpati

    very helpful tutorial Li. thanks for making this type of video . these are really helpful , contrary to the boring WHATS IN MY BAG type of videos most people do these days. we expect more tutorial from you.

  8. kiransankarpati

    nice observation … real eye of a photographer you have.

  9. draguzzmaster

    0:12 balls moving???

  10. I’m not sure where you would have seen her, but she’s an up-and-comer!

  11. Thanks for watching!

  12. NikonaazzPhotography

    Are you a nice girl!! thank for this

  13. L, where have I seen your model before? she looks REALLY familiar..a TV show, or movie?

  14. The shot would’ve been better if there werent a stick on the pool table, cause she already has the stick in her hand.

  15. I don’t know about you guys, but doesn’t it seem the model looks constipated.

  16. Virtually any lens and ISO will work fine with this configuration. These lights are bright enough to work at the base ISO of your camera (usually ISO 100 or 200) and I used the Nikon 17-55 f2.8, but could have used virtually any lens in my collection. The key to these shots was the lighting, its brightness, and high quality.

  17. thanks for the lighting tips 😉

  18. IxNeedxUserxName

    !!!!! the balls on the table move on 00:10

  19. Hey snapchik you need to give more details such as ISO settings and what lense you’re using. See Dave Griffin. One thumb halfway up.

  20. thanks

  21. Linco Remote Flora light head PE 9031

  22. that model is Nicole Renee

  23. what brand is that remote light? thanks

  24. Nice tutorials as always.