Studio lighting Portrait photography tutorial

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  1. what lens are you using…if you dont mind me´╗┐ asking…thanks

  2. Can you guys do a video on how to assemble it? usually have a hard time setting it up and taking it off with the rods. ­čÖé thank you in advance :)´╗┐

  3. andreamanganophoto

    what are you talking about?
    Light meters´╗┐ doesnt have any light…

  4. Sorry but I´╗┐ don’t understand this question

  5. Are you measuring the light of the´╗┐ softbox with additional flash light source from your metter??
    Than your results are incorrect.

  6. These softboxes fit only on´╗┐ to Flash heads and not continuous heads

  7. Mr. Hoey is an´╗┐ excellent teacher, it is almost as if a good friend is just sharing information and his experience with you! And the equipment demoed in videos is an excellent way to spark inspiration and sales too!

    I would like to know how much light loss there is through both diffusers. I’m thinking about using continuous lighting heads since strobes can startle little children and distress (scare the life out of…) animals.

  8. BonusVideoView

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  9. Fantastic great vid well done thanks´╗┐

  10. Which camera are you using ?? 5D Mark II ?´╗┐

  11. Great vidio , been using this set up for a while now, very simple and easy to do.
    great work gavin´╗┐ clear instruction sand no glitzy music.
    top video tutorial

  12. It really doesn’t matter how you meter your lights, as long´╗┐ as you are consistent in your own method.

  13. very nice.. thanks!´╗┐

  14. I just wanted to say that these Videos are probably the most informative and useful videos I have seen.

    Its fantastic to see you demonstrating the products that you sell, and after looking at your website shop, I can see that you are very reasonably priced too. I am saving to buy some equipment and´╗┐ think I may have just found my vendor! ­čÖé



  15. GrafficalPlanet

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  16. In this case if the meter had been pointed at the camera it would have´╗┐ given the wrong exposure. Gavin wanted the correct exposure on the side of the face and if the reading was taken towards the camera it would not have given him that.

  17. Hi thank you for the video. Just one thing I want to comment on: when you’re metering for your exposure, I think you should point the light meter toward the camera ( of the direction where you’ll shoot from) that’s because the sphere calculates how the light falls´╗┐ (on a 3D object; like the sphere). I’d only point my light meter toward my lights to measure them separately (with the dome down) :). Thank you.

  18. Gavin uses a Canon MKII and 24 – 105 lens and it is a wireless´╗┐ trigger attached to the hot shoe.

  19. Thank you for posting this video, I was wondering what´╗┐ camera you were using with what lense and the component that is attached to the hot shoe is what? Thank you

  20. Very nice!!!´╗┐´╗┐

  21. Thank you much for your class, i learned´╗┐ so much, im from Brasil and my inglish is not so good but i understood mostly you’ve spoke, thank you.
    Regards from Brasil

  22. The website is´╗┐ mentioned in the video at the end and it is also in the description.

  23. Very´╗┐ nice!!!
    Where can I get this specific kit (umbrella, stand, lamp etc…)?

  24. This´╗┐ is amazing

  25. very nice effect just with a one light source . amazing results . and the model is´╗┐ so cute