Studio Lighting Essentials for Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. BonusVideoView

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  3. ZTPhotography1983

    i don’t know to be happy or sad for having this DVD cos i am watching it and i understand that i need a studio gear that will coast me more then my car he should teach some techniques that don’t need a 25000$ equipment !!!

  4. sunshineegirl3567

    How is a slutty outfit “Glamour”?

  5. I just noticed that the HD version is now available for digital download. Can those who have purchased the DVD (I’m one of them) get a discount for this HD version?

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  7. duncanalecfilms

    “equipment essentials” – what 10k of Profoto gear you mean..

  8. I agree with everybody else. That 150.00 USD price tag is pretty stiff in my opinion. I’d be willing to pay 99.00 USD at the most.

  9. drop the price!!!
    I wish to buy it, but 150 is too much.
    Waiting when it going to torrent.

  10. LightingShowroom

    Good work

  11. TruthAndMoreTruth

    And for those of us that do not have several very expensive strobes, and a two thousand sq. feet of studio space?

    Should I drop $15k (being modest) on equipment before purchasing this DVD?

  12. djohnston1828

    Lots of information and sounds like it is easy to follow. I am always looking for interesting videos to use in the classroom. Videos (DVDs) are not cheap. I would be looking for an education price. I do know when I buy a good book that has this type of information, I might pay $75.00 and more.
    How long are the DVDs? Are exercises to try in the video? Can it be used in a classroom setting.

  13. JWPhotosanddesigns

    The video looks good but the price seems like a get over. Too pricey. Most subjects on the video are also covered throughout youtube by other photographers.

  14. VoteForKristen

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    It is absolutely free and is to help my sister win a photography contest, please pass this on to your friends, we need all the support!
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  15. Is there a education price for students/teachers? Also, is it closed caption for the hearing impaired like DVDs and Blu-Rays are?

  16. linkdelightna

    Cool,but the price is not cool!
    actually,I perfer buying it from ebay or linkdelight,they are much cheaper.

  17. Cool

  18. TiranosaurusRex2010

    man, too much 

  19. Flip me.. $150 are you serious. I went to the site thinking $30-ish. 

  20. lol…

  21. We’re working on it. Check the website for updates.

  22. is there a student price?

  23. Nice but, too much $

  24. I also wish to know that, as the two disc sets costs USD 150 currently. Probably worth it, but still a lot of paper.

  25. Mark Wallace is the best photography instructor ever. In fact, I’d venture to say he’s perhaps one of the best teachers of anything ever.
    I’ll definitely be getting the DVD (as soon as my wife lets me) 🙂