Strobist technique Sunset flash photography

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Kim is an nice model by the way. 😉 More photos of her. 🙂

  2. Kim got railed!!!

  3. PigsArseifyYou


  4. skoi.

  5. Must say Kim has been such a great assistant/camerawoman/model! 

  6. love ur video!! 

  7. Man, you two are so funny! Besides, this short video just taught me EVERYTHING that I always wanted to know about shooting into the sun. Congratulations, it help me a lot! Really thank you!

  8. yeah helps to waste battery… only really useful indoors

  9. Класно,удивляет почему в России нет таких сайтов, в простой и убедительной манере показать вобщем то профессиональные хитрости съемки.

  10. omg how can you shoot at 20,000 and still sink your speedlight with the camera? mine only goes up to 200 if i go higher a horrible black stripe will you in the picture =(

  11. wide on!!! hahaha!

  12. you should use a 1/4 cto on the flash to fix the color

  13. couldn’t you just work in manual mode and expose for a dramatic sky and the use the flash on normal TTL without that +2?

  14. you’re such an idiot :P

  15. Dombowerphoto

    yes correct , but depends on what you think is a better” depth of field

  16. sebastianekdahlphoto

    Am i right when im saying this… Instead of raising the aperture to F13 you could put on a ND filter and that would get a better DOF (if you would want that) right??

  17. Dombowerphoto

    none what so ever.

  18. why do you have a diffuser over the flash? does it help much when your outside?

  19. what’s STROBIST?

  20. “two hands”, you’re jsut lime me with my gf haha

  21. schumacher3344

    Kim and Dom, you two are such a cute team to make videos:D

  22. thumps up … that was really helpful … thank you soooo muchDom .. and thank you Kim ..*_*

  23. Thanks Dom. Nice video. Thank you Kim. You are a great help for Dom.

  24. 3:00 dom your voice, do you talk that way normaly?