Strobist Photography: Part 7 – 1 light portrait – triggered by pop-up flash

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. Can D3 do this ?

  2. ViolentLucius

    You’re not less than a model, Matt.

  3. Matt,sorry I have a further question on how to change power on the flash.I use D90 and SB900 and its when I use off camera flash in remote mode. I know in commander mode in menu of camera I can change power either in manual or TTL mode but I can’t do it on the flash while its in remote mode, can I change it to ON mode, modify the settings on the flash and then go to remote mode? If I can, what if the flash settings is different to commander settings on camera which power will flash use? Thanks

  4. Matt,
    Thanks for your videos, much appreciated. I have a question and I use D90 with SB900 flash.
    1) With off camera flash using the CLS commander system of Nikon, to darken the background or to shoot at wide apertures in extreme bright light, the FP sync can be turned on and you can shoot at 1/4000 sec, but when using a pocket wizard does this still hold true as I notice you continue to use shutter speeds at or below sync speeds in these tutorials

    Thanks john

  5. Patent pending…LMAO!!!

  6. Great series Matt,would it be possible to use some of these techniques in macro photography
    if so a workshop tutorial would be nice if you had the time.
    PS I am a Sony shooter and have no flashguns not sure if the Sony guns would work in the same way as
    your Nikon guns?
    Thanks again 4 a interesting set of videos

  7. cheers, if you are in australia – you may want to check out one of our strobist courses.

  8. Thanks, Matt. Some interesting ideas to start making use of my new flash.

  9. great stuff. I am going to run some strobist workshops soon if you are interested to learn more in a fun group environment.

  10. MrJleehuddleston

    thanks for all your work. i love following your’ve taught me a lot about some advanced photography (at least advanced for me)

  11. 3:08 adjusting the built in flash power- how do you do that and is there a general rule of thumb of how much power is needed for how far the subject is…thanks Matt

  12. yes of course I use it a lot, but if you are talking about shadows on a models face – the histogram is little use – it measures the whole scene (unless it is a close up of just the face!)

  13. StevenScholten

    Ha Matt. Thanks for your reply. I do feel I’m getting the essentials down. I was confused and thought the ambient light had no effect on the subject, but clearly I misunderstood. It does have an effect on the shadow side.
    I would appreciate it a lot to get more indepth info on how to judge “correct exposure” Maybe it’s in your videos somewhere? Do you use your histogram?

  14. to work on contrast, adjust the position of the light, and yes play with the balance of the main light, the ambient light, and any fill light.

  15. StevenScholten

    Hi Matt
    I have been struggling a bit. (mostly indoors with a softbox or an umbrella). I noticed in this video the shadow side of your face isn’t very dark. Is that because the ambiant light fills it in a bit? I seem to get a bigger contrast at home. (tried it with a second flash which gave me better results.) Hard to get a black background a small space.
    Also. In a standard situation, How do you judge your exposure? Do you set it as light as possble without getting flashing histograms?

  16. Your wish is my command 🙂 I actually have a couple of swimsuit models lined up for just this kind of series soon.

  17. Hi Matt,

    personally, I’d like to see some more of you working with a model (great chemistry with that mate of yours in the earlier video). Specifically, I’d like to see what you can do with 2 to 3 flashes shooting from different angles, using different kinds of diffusion/direction and so on. Thanks for your great videos!

  18. i like 4:19

  19. youre not the most photogenic person ive seen lol

  20. Love your videos! I am actually looking to get my first light modifier.. But I am not sure which route to take. I am looking at the Westcott Apollo 28 kit or the Westcott 43 umbrella kit. I see that you make the most with just one umbrella. What would you recommend for my first setup?

  21. FUN to learn …

  22. no problem – I try to respond to as many as I can – and if you comment here – rather than private message, good chance I will respond. Glad that you like the videos!

  23. wow thanks for the reply! love your videos,I’ve learned so much from them!

  24. if you using optical, there is really no limit. Yes, I have used around 5 or 6 at once.