Strobist Photography: Part 5 – creative self portrait indoors

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / five

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  1. Maybe you explained it and I wasn’t paying attention, but why not set both flashes up as radio slaves (i.e. put them both on Pocket Wizards)?

  2. Dont you think with Canons new 600EX-RT’s a whole new world of creativity will be born? 100ft (30mtr) range without direct line of sight, I’ve tested the closed door effect.

  3. It would look just as good on a d40 too.

  4. great info Whats is PCC on the SB 26

  5. SagingNiMarkLapid

    fantastic series mate! keep it coming!

  6. You have an SB-26?! Me too! Do you have any tips on using that together with a newer system like the SB-700?

  7. Hey Mat, Question, Shooting in manual mode and I want my settings at, let’s say iso 200 at 7.1 f stop. So I set my speedlites to the same settings, will that give me balanced light?

  8. no reason you cannot get results just as good

  9. hello matt… I see your results using d700 are amazing… i wonder how is it going to be when im using my old D80?

  10. Matt thanks for these videos, I like them.
    Greetings from northern Norway.

  11. depends entirely on the project. I use professional models, aspiring models, and sometimes friends (just for video). if it is a real shoot, then using an experienced model is always preferable.

  12. TheLittleWorldofGaz

    Hi Matt, I’m just wondering how you get your models. Are they just friends who you ask i f you can take a few pictures of ?

  13. Best way to learn is change settings and look at the image to see what’s changed. it’s more creative and entertainment too 🙂

  14. Thanx samkaye. And?

  15. he said “pin sharp’ not ‘pinch’

  16. what kind of soft box do u use for the flashes what brand where can u buy then

  17. Sorry – I do not understand.

  18. Matt, I have a problem in this area indoors. At 11:55 please explain what would you use to get that pinch? where looking for. Thanx matt……..P.S I hope im explaing this correctly:(

  19. It’s great that you let your viewers see that it’s not always easy or predictable. As you should you learn only by trial and era. Let me mention to the newbees out there. Your flash will often over rule your ambient light so, don’t worry to much about it if the room isn’t black.You can make it look black even if every light is on in the room. Thanks Matt!

  20. good point. I think if you watch through the videos, you will get this information. Otherwise, I am planning some more detailed videos soon.

  21. theraginggiblets

    Dear Matt, I love your videos but I would like to understand more of why things are set up in a certain way than how. Like the relationship between F-Stops, flash power and shutter speed. The way these videos are set up, I can only recreate the shot using the settings that you provide. I’d like to have the theoretical knowledge so that I don’t have to guess when I’m setting up my flash.

  22. Nice tips! Pretty interesting video. I cant get one thing – why bother with PW and optical slaves if you can get BAGS of YN syncros for the money and just concentrate on subject? If it would be about “quality of life” thing, having premium gear, why not have PW per flash and stop wasting time with “will it find a sensor” game? Cant afford them? Than why spend money on system you can not complete?

  23. cool

  24. @thatnikonguy Okay, penny drops – gobo=go=between/flag; got it. Already contributing to thatnikonguy flickr group; i am the numpty in the dazzling wooly hat by the way (different user name), he, he 🙂

  25. Cheers, hope you will share some of your attempts on the facebook and flickr pages.

    A gobo stops light going somewhere. You may want it to go left, but not right, so stick a piece of paper or something to block the light going one way.