Strobist Photography: Part 4 – Midday strobist portrait at F1.4

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. TheRecyclable

    the point that u have mentioned is good , but personally i don’t like the filter that u use , the other filter form other brand in the other video ( other other other lol) does the better job i think ! but thanks for the useful information that you share !

  2. Where do you live, looks like you are somewhere in Asia since most of the people you shoot are Asian but i want to know if I’m correct. It really doesn’t matter but I’m curious.

  3. Very helpful!

  4. WHY YOU NO USE 2 polar filters so you can adjust them on the fly?

  5. the pegs, the pegs! What a brilliant idea.

  6. thanks!, nice video

  7. Thanks again Matt this vid helped me decide on what technique to use in reducing the overall light and still have good bokeh

  8. @vvinters yes, you are correct

  9. An ND8 filter is a 3-stop light reduction filter, it does not reduce light by 8 stops. It is called ND8 because 3 stops of reduction is 1/8th the amount of light.

  10. phukurearhole

    Perhaps its important to underline that with manual control of your dslr, ambient light is controlled by your shutter speed and flash by your aperture.

  11. What camera do you use?

  12. LowCountryWild

    hes not kidding i just tried that XDD

  13. Simple but creative

  14. it’s very hard to get the blur to look natural. To separate the background from the subject to blur the background, that’s easy, but put the subject on another layer, and then retouch the subject out of the background plate. Else when you blur, the edges of the subject will blur with the background and it won’t look like natural DOF.

    If you’re wanting to do shallow DOF where the eyes are in focus and the focus gradually drops away, then that’s harder to do and make it look “real”.

  15. Probably Youtubization of the photos. Do you actually think this is what the RAW looks like?

  16. yeseverymomentcounts

    Why do your images look so soft? If you paid thousands for your lens and hundreds for your filter, why isn’t the image sharp where it should be sharp?

  17. Matt, came across this problem recently whilst shooting a portrait of my daughter in strong autumnal light; struggled to get wider than f4 aperture at max 250th sync speed with on camera flash but looking for more blur in background. Remembered this video tip so gave it a go; dont have an ND filter but i used my circular polariser which cut out 2 f-stops of light meaning i could open up to f2 to compensate for the loss in light. Bingo – nice blurred background just like you said; super helpful!

  18. MsQwerty20092009

    yes, it isn’t 8 stop. 8 stop is nd400

  19. What power did you have the flash at for this shot at 1.4f?

  20. The ND filter was not an 8 stops ND, but an ND8 filter which is 3 stops light-blocker. The total light reduction is among 5 stops from 1/4000 sec. to 1/125 sec. It comes from the ND8 (3 stops) and the Cir-PL (2 stops).

  21. A flash on full power will burn the hairs and skin off your arm at close range – can overpower the sun for sure. Throw in a couple and you can overpower blaring mid day sun.

  22. I confused how you can shoot in midday sun with flashguns.. I’m new to strobist thing but i would think flashguns wouldn’t have enough power to overpower the sun… Or is that why your shooting in the shade? thoughts?

  23. If you are a PS gun, you can achieve most things. I like to be able to create it in camera – and I have not seen a blur that really has the same fall off and feeling as a 1.4 lens.

  24. If someone does not have a lens to shoot at F1.4, can’t the blur be created in photoshop? If so, that stinks. That is a nice lens. What body are you using?