Strobist Photography: Part 2 – Simple outdoor portrait

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. 6:04 like

  2. ur the same person!!good

  3. It really adds light to the scene? I use Canon stuff and it gives the option whether to add light or only to trigger a speedlight. Unfortunately I kind of screwed myself over once when I went to use my pop-up flash in a pinch once and it was still set to strobe fire mode.

  4. no it doesn’t, you can use it only for triggering, in that case the pop up is triggered just before the other flashes.
    at least on my canon you can choose
    pop up flash + remote flash
    pop up flash / remote flash –> in that case the pop up flash is not present on the picture.

  5. guy in the background looks like he’s escaped from the day care centre…

  6. nice video. it was helpful. thank you.

  7. Great vid’s. They’ve inspired me so much I’ve gone and bought a YN560II, 3xRF-603’s, 2 brollies/stands/holders. To go with my 430EXii which always filled me with dread using! Worth the £120 to give it a try,!

  8. Not on most of the Nikon cameras, as you can turn the pop up flash OFF, so that it just sends a little flick of light to trigger the strobe and don’t affect the image.

  9. OranjeBoven21

    Hi Matt, what stand is that? Does it come with the hole for the umbrella?
    I’m looking for a stand like that.. Thanks!

  10. thanks. great job

  11. thanks. great job

  12. You need a strap…

  13. TheJackAuffman

    will a flash diffuser produce the same effect as those umbrellas?

  14. can u use a dirt cheap radio trigger system to get the same results on a manual flash set up eg the jjc,cowboy,other under $50 trigger set ups,and then just manually adjust or do u have to buy those expensive wizards.i use a t2i/550d.what triggers cheapest ,will work?thanks

  15. Mrimperfectcircle

    Can’t you set the pop up to only trigger the off camera flash and not add light to the scene? It can be done on the Canon 60D so I guess I’m just assuming it will on a higher end camera like yours?

  16. bestwaroo0625

    Again, great tutorial. And ik love the coffee guys! Fun to work with ayy!! 😉

  17. the nikon sg-3ir works well, goes in front of the pop up flash but lets enough light to trigger the flashes.

  18. I’m talking about actual sample photograph at 6:32. Separation is not visible, the second flash should provide a rim around subject but it’s not there, is it?
    Also, comparing 4:47 (no 2nd flash) and 6:00 (with the 2nd flash) there’s not much difference.


  19. 1:32 look at her

  20. When the master flash unit flash function is canceled and only the remote flash units fire […]. This operation will normally not affect the correct exposure of the subject, although the exposure might be affected if the subject is close and a high ISO has been set.

    Nikon SB-700 User Manual Section D page 5
    “Notes on canceling the flash of the master flash unit”

    In the pop up flash CMD settings, you can cancel the flash function on the pop up, and I personally can confirm the above. Thoughts?

  21. It doesn’t when you use it only to trigger the SB900 (in that case the pop up flash fires before shutter opens, so the only flash, thats in the photo is the SB900).

  22. because the flash speed is different than the frame rate of the video, sometimes a flash is not captured by video.

  23. ChristopheSterkens

    I own also a SB900 and i use for triggering the pop up flash on my D7000, i got NO idea of what market there is for remote shutters and flash cords.
    Any help here?

  24. Go away!