Street Portrait Photo How To

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. lifechangingguy

    LOVED This VIDEO, So Informative/ Great pointers for someone just getting into photography as a Hobby to start out. I would love to meet Clay Enos because I use a Wheelchair & I would love some more pointers. THANK YOU…

  2. Jeeezuz, his post production!!!!

    Its like hes gone on light room…100 fill, 100, darks, 100 recovery, and 100 clarity! It just gives a fake HDR look, that just looks odd.

    Still, i otherwise like his style, hes right, finding the first person is always the hardest, i mean ive done this around London, and there are literally thousands of people footfall around where i might shoot. If they say “NO!!! GET OUT OF MY FACE!!!” (thats never happened…yet!) there are thousands of others that will!

  3. 1.8 sharper image and focus faster.
    1.4 better Bokeh and better in low light.

  4. simozonelayer

    that OTT post processing is … well, OTT.

  5. simozonelayer

    is that Antonio Margarito on the left at 0:21 ?

  6. I have a 1.8 and I love it, it gets the job done, and its much cheaper than the 1.4. If money is not a problem then I would go for the 1.4.

  7. very nice concept, but not street photography at all!
    also the Post Processing is overdone!

  8. Yeah, and BTW if ya know a bit about B&W photography, you know rob car, and thats the way he edits his shots 😉

  9. People who like this video probably read the title and listened to what he said … both pretty big hints that this is about portraits. Google his work … he isn’t crapppp … he’s simply fantastic at what he does. Probably why Hollywood hired him instead of us…

  10. No one claimed it was, it’s street portraiture…

  11. WhiteboyTrey2

    Everyone is saying the shots are over edited. Thats stupid. Part of being a photographer is being able to be creative and create what you see and what you feel. I’m more than certain that when those shots were edited they were just having fun and doing it on purpose. Have fun with it, don’t go by the books all the time it’ll lose it’s fun.

  12. nawaryoussef1

    I am planing to get 50mm, which one you use 1.4 or 1.8 ? thx

  13. i love how the two top comments are slamming out a high level professional photographer…

  14. eddielikesyourhat

    This guy is crapppp.Anyone who knows little to nothing about street photography likes this video.real talk.

  15. Love it anymore tips??

  16. Excellent Like your Style Maybe not for the UK we are too “uptight” and the serious issue of someone calling the cops:0

  17. jeffdietzphotograph1

    Massively over photoshopped. What a shame

  18. jeffdietzphotograph1

    Massively over photoshopped. What a shame

  19. @Java820616 yes

  20. Love the b&w style and gritty feel of the images. It has inspired me to get off my backside and out the studio and into the street.

  21. Excellent

  22. Making it simple but so bloody good at the same time.

  23. looks like san francisco!

  24. LIXO, vai fazer fotografia de rua de verdade ao inves de ficar fazendo retratos pousados

  25. mickellemastra

    i like b/w photos and his minimal equipment…