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Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. ElliottMascart

    I’ve just looked up the US law compared to uk. and i think you’ll find you can take photos of anybody in any public place (though not in Restrooms or changing room).. However you are not allowed to make profit out of you photos. so yeah. they wouldn’t be able to sue you unless they were wearing a name tag because in a public place you have right over identity but not image… so you couldn’t get in trouble for this. realy street photography is like cartier-bresson. DO some extensive research 😉

  2. you’re allowed to take photos of anything in a public space…
    well atleast in Melbourne you are.

  3. great.

  4. Oh! that is Hugo at 2.12. He is a real musician and star who sing the song call ” 99 problem”.

  5. mikesomething


    all the people who said yes, come across as nice and friendly people

    the one guy who said no, just seems weird

  6. eddielikesyourhat

    Im 18,I really don’t care.I like the thrill;)

  7. eddielikesyourhat

    Im 18,I really don’t care.I like the thrill;)

  8. MrAcornBurrka

    That’s real street photography. Do you even know how much trouble you can get into if you get caught? Especially if photo gets widely popular online. The stranger you shot finds out, they’re going to sue you (if they disliking having their images taken). Please, DO some extensive research on real street photography, especially the do’s and don’ts. 😉

  9. eddielikesyourhat

    No thanks,i’ll stick to real,not staged,street photography;)

  10. MrAcornBurrka

    Actually you need to ask people as well. Look up Danny Santos 😉

  11. thank you very much for this video! street photography is always nerve wracking and very exhausting, but worth it, definitely. i really like your polite way of approaching people and i have to try this myself some day. it’s a very difficult and long way to find a personal method of doing street photography and i think you did very well!

  12. eddielikesyourhat

    This isn’t street photography though,You don’t ask poeple to take their picture,you just do it,that’s the art of street photography:)

  13. your body language show your nervousness, that will make people distrust you, keep practicing on your body language

  14. lukegranger89

    thats so weird

  15. garyhowiePhotography

    I live in Alabama and travel about 90-100 miles into Atlanta at least twice a month to do this very thing. I love to shoot after dark using a 28″ softbox (Westcott Apollo) and off-camera flash. I usually take someone with me to help handle the light and to let them use the light as well. We learn from each other. After awhile, the nervousness is mostly gone and you can have a lot of fun.

  16. Hi,
    it would be cool to show the pictures taken!!

  17. AriHunterPhoto

    Thank you! I’d like to do this again really soon so watch out I just might approach you next, lol.

  18. AriHunterPhoto

    Hey Steven! Thanks for the comment. I totally agree that street portraits can be nerve wracking BUT it can also be exhilarating. A lot of people were surprisingly very open to letting me take their picture. As you go out to do your assignment, just always remember to smile. People are always accepting of a warm smile. Good luck!

  19. Really cool work. I’m glad that the few No’s wasn’t discouraging. You’ll get a Yes from me anytime!!

  20. Its great that you got this on film! Im taking photo classes this semester and one of my assignments is street portraits this week lol.. Trying to find some inspiration – its totally nerve racking asking random people and getting rejected : / The guy with the chess table looked like a great shot!

  21. AriHunterPhoto

    Thanks so much! It was truly a nerve wracking experience, lol, but it was fun. 🙂

  22. This is such a cool vid, Thanks for sharing, I have been doing a calendar project for a local community mealsite a I remember being so scared

  23. AriHunterPhoto

    Thanks! Yeh I do shoot candidly as well but I wanted to try something different and actually approach people to take portraits. It was definitely scary, but worth it! lol 🙂

  24. galapagosdrum

    this is great! i am a little scared too but i would really like to shoot candids. do you shoot candidly too? 🙂