Sport Photography Tips – Delly Carr

Portrait Photography Video Rating: five / 5

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  2. Woot! Jamie Langenbrunner with the big hit @1:10

  3. 3:14…mega action of ducks lol,dont think im being rude,but when i first saw him raise the camera up i was pissing myself laughing,i thought he was taking the piss out of himself.
    So sorry Delly,your shots are great mate,see you in Melbourne again soon,

  4. Awesome shots, nice quick vid!

  5. 1.25 OMG Look at that lens size. :O AJDBVIWBSRVSIBNVEJSFB V

  6. maxpaxheartsyou

    Thanks for the tips! Love you camera btw!

  7. kentishmale1969

    Some quality shots there!

  8. Insane!!! 🙂

  9. I wish I could afford that lens

  10. This asshole is so impressed with himself. What a jerkoff

  11. Love his thumb ring and how quickly he raised that lens. Lol. What a god. Is that a nose or a cock on his face?

  12. Very nice. What is the point of the two watches?

  13. When shooting sports should i use manual, aperture or shutter priority?

  14. Was that a lens or a missile launcher ?

  15. lol police sayin

  16. is your name really Charlie Brown?

  17. Nice info

  18. Great stuff Delly!

  19. Delly, you have some awesome pics there, unreal, especially the female swimmer.
    Hope your nose is better lol