so you want to be a portrait photographer

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  1. thanks for posting.

  2. Therefore, if you want to do attractive portraits, the 50mm will be a good lens for a 1.6x crop sensor camera (50 x 1.6 = 80mm), just like the 85mm lens is a great lens for portraits on full-frame sensor cameras. It all comes down to camera-subject distance for frame filling portraits. Of course, if you do not mind shooting the subject loose and cropping in post, you can get away with 50mm on full-frame sensor for portraits, but you are forfeiting maximum quality.

  3. The fact that you get a wider field of on a 35mm full frame sensor than you do on a 1.6x crop sensor, would seem that if you want to achieve the same field of view for both cameras using the 50mm lens, the full frame camera is going to be significantly closer to the subject than the crop sensor. And it is this difference in distance that will yield a different perspective: tightly framed head and shoulder shots with a 50 on ff sensor will yield big noses, but not on a 1.6x crop sensor.

  4. if you put your eye up to a 50 mm lens on a cropped sensor you will see it give you the same perspective as the human eye( you can walk around with both eyes open quite easily) if you then put it on a full frame camera….. you can do the same, nothing has changed expect that you get a a wider field of view.

  5. A 50mm lens provides a different perspective on each different size of sensor, from tiny sensors to medium format sensors. To just say that a 50mm is it or that “a 50mm lens is a 50mm lens”, regardless of sensor size, does not make much sense, as the lens’ perspective and DOF attributes are always tied to sensor size.

  6. ProPhotoHouston02

    First I want to say nice room, and as always great video

  7. Great video dom!

  8. Oh thanks. Just that in the past some people have asked saying what the conversion factor was on the camera I had when I was asking about lenses, so I figured I would check.

  9. a 50mm lens is a 50mm lens. dont think about effective anything

  10. When you say to get a 50mm, is that in terms of a full frame sensor (where it is 50mm) or a sensor with a conversion factor of, say, 1.6x? So on my EOS 1000D do I need to get a 50mm (effectively an 80mm), or a 35mm (which with conversion factor is an effective 56mm lens)? Cheers.

  11. MichelleFoxReynolds

    im so inspired by you and my passion for taking photos is growing fast the more i learn from you thanks xx

  12. Why did I waste half my life reading about portrait photography on the net when your video explained everything in 3 minutes! Google isn’t my friend. But you are. ..5 stars. Favourited. Subscribed. 🙂

  13. Great videos! Thanks for up loading :D.

    I would walk from portsmouth to come to one of your classes!

    I do portrait/fashion with my D2x and a 18-105 or my 70-200. I really should get some SB-800s/900s (at the moment I’m just wireing up some old things I bought from eBay for £10 each lol) there just so damn expensive :/

  14. sure do,check my website. but it is all up in edinburgh!

  15. oh by the way, do YOU do any photo trips or photo classes or something similar? I think you should!

  16. hehehe 😀 well I was there just beacause I’m a light/sound tech guy at our local hall, so didn’t really “pay” for it but nonetheless I also told him my complaints and he was kinda mildly upset. but he’s no one really important, i just hope he got the message 🙂

  17. tell me who that expert was and ill go slap them for being shit!

  18. well basically just mostly useless stuff like diffraction, aberration, MTFs… it’s good to know sure, but it’s more of an art then technical stuff, and as you’ve said (which I love) about emotions, attitude, working with your model, or doing crazy bits at weddings, which is way more useful 🙂

  19. yeah agree with colinstu. 85 f1.2 its only about 3grand

  20. have you ever had a lesson from an expensive “expert”?  what crap do they go on about?

  21. wow you give more sane and useful tips then an hour with an expensive “expert” because of you i’ve bought sb900 😀

    keep up the great work!

  22. You should get the 85 1.2 or 135 2.0 😛

  23. i like much more of the canon 85 1,8 for portraits than the canon 50 1,4

  24. A telephoto lens offer very pleasant results in portraits though. The depth of field is amazing for portraits. But I think it’s different for everyone how much they like it.

  25. Have to agree Dom, you have to get the sitter involved, talking to them and making them feel a little special. Also it’s vital to show them the pictures as you go along, it really help them understand how it works and it also help them get idea of how to sit and move.

    Ohhh and always focus on the eye’s 😉