Simple Flash Portrait Photography Tips by Dom Bower

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. Thanks!

  2. I, like some others, am pretty ignorant about how to program the “settings” on my speed light (SB600 – wish I had the SB900, BTW). Could you tell us more about your flash settings (and why you chose them) for different photographic scenarios?
    Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. Cheers!

  3. MomentsExposedPhot

    great video!! very helpful!!!

  4. Also buy a model.

  5. Hi Dom,which flash gun would you recomend for portrait and just some general all round photoghraphy, i have a Nikon D50 and the D5000. keep up the good work,regards.

  6. Hey Dom! great vid mate! just wanted to ask if you can make a video explaining more on Low-Key Photography, i’ve seen ur previous vid about it but i wish u can go on more detail with it please… thanx! cheers! bye!!
    p.s. i own a Nikon D5100 and tried ur methods in Low-Key self-portrait and i think i’ve done well but it took me forever to get the right setting and now i lost them. AAH!!! heres a link to image and tell me what ya think

  7. Dammti Dom not seen your films since a couple of weeks and now ost in youtube clips !!grrrr great vids all gotta love the fact you remove the”artwork”from your walls lol

  8. Love it!. Keep them coming.

  9. Very nice tutorial. keep posting!!

  10. Dom, the thing I’m not sure about is the zoom settings on the flash. I have a SB900 and SB800. I don’t know when to use what zoom setting. Can you help?

  11. Excellent Video Dom.
    Thanks for uploading (and making first!)
    Are you in Ireland by any chance???
    Thanks again,


    nice video dom

  13. Nice video … that end part made me laugh ..funny guy !!

  14. What ISO you use for portraits?

  15. Very Simple!  Thanks

  16. -What flash models are you using?..
    -Awesome video thanks!!

  17. great video. thank you

  18. The built in flash can still affect shots if shot up close. Nikon makes a product, sg3-IR, that blocks the flash but still let’s the IR signal through. The IR is what communicates with the speedlights.

  19. It flashes but it doesn’t affect to the picture. The built in flash fire because it commands other flashes.

  20. Trying to fire an SB900 wireless without inbuilt flash , i tried using turned my inbuilt flash off in the flash commander mode, but where i’ve turned the inbuilt flash to — the comp mode next to it still shows 1/1 and i’ve got a feeling this needs to be 0 for the inbuilt flash not to fire , need you suggestion dom .

  21. Does the built in flash fire? Can you explain the process?


  22. if this had a Fill light or a white reflector on the left owuld be even better maybe ???

  23. What a helpful video!

  24. thanks. just bought a 550d…guess a 7d would have been a better buy. thanks anyway 🙂

  25. no it doesn’t have any, canon 7d has