Shooting Different Styles of Photography : Poses for Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. OggOrbisMedia

    0:48 TUBA PLAYER

  2. great tips:) thank you!

  3. so pedo

  4. some woods huh! w@#$ on earth?

  5. i like the tips on pulling away the camera and then having a conversation

  6. in some woods near his school dude???

    whats that? Ur getting the tuba players? u like the lil kids? ur a kiddy fucker arent you?

  7. in some woods near his school! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  8. You can also use a tripod and a remote control – just be sure your focus & framing is right.

  9. PeppermintFrog

    Thank you for the off-to-the-side technique though I think my hand might shake and cause the picture the be blurry…
    Great post!

  10. PartTimePhotography

    Good stuff – I’ll pass this along to all my newsletter subscribers.

  11. The one thing I took away from this was the off-to-the-side camera technique. Cheers.

  12. Which one are you..??

    Beavis or Butthead..??

  13. “we did it in some woods near his school” hahaha pedo!! jkjk.

  14. thanks for sharing.