Senior Portrait Photography with Lensbaby

Portrait Photography Video clip Ranking: three / 5

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  1. adamone2onephoto

    This looks horrible.

  2. All a lens baby looks like is bad glass.

  3. LensbabyMovies

    Hi @KristinConway – she is using the Composer with the Double Glass Optic

  4. KristinConway

    What lens did she use where it says its double glass optics?

  5. castraveticufrisca

    Thanks 🙂 I think I will get the Scout w/ Fisheye now and the other two optics later. Thanks for your quick answer. I have been looking for a cheap fisheye for a while now..

  6. LensbabyMovies

    Hi @castraveticufrisca, all the optics and accessories are compatible with the Scout you just won’t be able to tilt them. Scout is great for people who are especially interested in using the Fisheye, Soft Focus and Pinhole Optics because these optics don’t gain any extra effects when they are tilted. Scout with Fisheye is a light weight and inexpensive Fisheye lens that also gives you access to the rest of the products in the Lensbaby system. Hope that helps!

  7. castraveticufrisca

    I am looking forward into getting a Lensbaby Scout with Fisheye and I was wondering what other attachements are compatible with the lens and why it’s better than other lenses. Thanks 🙂

  8. @LensbabyMovies, yeah i can understand that. Someday I’ll be able to get one.. someday.. I should do more resarch on the cheaper model though (The Muse). Thanks! 

  9. LensbabyMovies

    Hi @evanvideo, doing something optically will give you better results than software – while you can apply blurs in photoshop the look isn’t quite the same as the optical results of Lensbaby products. Plus, why spend time in front of your computer when you could spend that time out shooting with your camera reacting to what’s happening in-camera.

  10. very cool. i’ve been looking into lens babies, but the thing that I am curious about, is how it is different then just photoshopping various kinds of blurs?

  11. the flash or the trigger

  12. wt is da name of this flash !!!

  13. MultiAppleDude