Posh Grunge photoshoot (Dom Bower Photography)

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. great vid

  2. I don’t like Jared Paulin videos cause he acts like an idiot. While your videos are great. You talk less, but with sense. Keep on!

  3. Great video, really impressive images SOOC!

  4. westcoasthaase

    o for fuk sake man, lets see those photos. Cheers

  5. FirebrandNIRE

    Great work as always!
    Cheers Much!

  6. Some cameras have an inbuilt wireless control for flashes. You could also use radio triggers.

  7. How are you getting the flash gun to fire without a transmitter? great vid

  8. thanks man now i can go and buy tons of equipment..since i dont have to spend it on horrible photo schools ….keep the hard work and thanks again ..from mexico

  9. Dombowerphoto

    it was her first time on a shoot and she was shy about it. but after the shoot is was really wanting to do it again so thats good news

  10. I thought you had a rhymesayers shirt on there for a second. And your models always seemed scared/shy lol

  11. jerrytoddphotography

    Canon strap on a Nikon?

  12. Dombowerphoto

    ill be leaving that infor for the blog or the book

  13. Great Tutorial Dom, would love you to talk about what settings your flashes and camera are at just to get an idea.

  14. Dombowerphoto

    more control of the light direction

  15. Grrreat tutorial Dom.

    May I ask, why you prefer a reflector umbrella instead of a shoot-through umbrella?

  16. Brilliant man! your videos are really inspiring!
    cheers from Slovenia

  17. Wow I never knew it was possible to set off strobes with a pop up flash, awesome work!

  18. Keep um coming dom learning so much from you cheers.Great work

  19. actually you did it in the 2 last video 😛

    it’s just because camera filming another camera we cant really see the picture correctly but you did so awesome 😀 <3

  20. Nice shoot what lens Did you use, and was flashes on ttl cheers

  21. Dombowerphoto


  22. peterchinnock

    Nice one!
    What power did you have the flashes set up on?

  23. Dombowerphoto

    what! the one ONE! i didnt take!

  24. always fun and informative to watch. thanks.

  25. saithihahseng

    Lens Cap FAIL !!!! :P:P
    Great Job Doom Thanks…:D:D:D CHEEERS