Portrait studio set-up

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  1. Thank you ever so much for the explanation which is simple to follow. viewed 20 or so tutorials on light set up but you have settled all my questions

  2. Helpful. Thank you.

  3. I like that you keep it very simple. Sometimes I think the people who understand it move to fast for the new people. I liked it and it reminded me to slow down when sharing with interested photographers. Thanks for sharing your expertese.

  4. Hi and thank you learned something you guys are really funny loved it

  5. Very helpful, thank you

  6. Great job!


  8. Awesome , thank you !! I love how simple and clear it was, this was perfect for me

  9. ancientalkebulan

    Respond to this video… but i have to agree it was very informative…

  10. ancientalkebulan

    i agree kinda weird…lol

  11. easy to understand, and informative. Great help to a amateur like myself.

  12. Actually, there is an important niche for instructional videos that assume nothing by way of audience knowledge. There are other videos out there that assume way too much for many viewers. The ‘see spot run’ stuff is as useful to some as it its annoying to others.

  13. This is *exactly* what I needed to know. Thanks!

  14. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  15. very well done, thank you!

  16. Thanks! I wish more tutorials would be “step-by-step” like yours! Well done!

  17. Excellent tutorial just what I was searching for, thank you so much.

  18. Excellent tutorial just what I was searching for, thank you so much.

  19. Thank you for sharing.

  20. msgilliam1474

    Hey I love the way you teach. You can’t always assumme everyone knows. If someone is more advanced , they have the option to channel in on more advanced information. I’ve been shooting for along time and need more focus on lighting. Thanks.

  21. vey helpful

  22. nextwavephotography

    great job !! i use two speedlites for my 2 light setup and a softbox for one of them .. you can check my work on nextwavephotography com please leave some comments on my blog …

  23. thank you for the much needed simplified instructions…I was able to follow and now can set up my own studio thanks to you….I appreciate you so much…thank you and Blessings!!!

  24. hollywood02121

    Thank you for this Video tutorial, like your other viewers said, this video was very well done and explained very helpful and simple. Keep up the good work, god bless you both. Acoleman3299, do you have a site were we could see your work?

  25. criticaltinker


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