Portrait Photography with Graham Monro

Portrait Photography Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Hi Canon Australia. This video is great but probably not useful for your average consumer who won’t be sporting a 5DMkII with a collection of L lens. Things like the EF 50mm 1.8 are great for the price.

  2. He’s so passionate about what he does. I’d love to be like this one day.

  3. lovely lenses…so expensive….one day! haha

  4. Thinks he’s a sniper. What a goofball

  5. Definitely – they are both L lenses and will have similar build quality. Feel free to check the lenses out at your nearest authorised Canon reseller. Let us know how you go. Cheers, the Canon team.

  6. ..would you recommend the 17-40mm f4L as a sub for that expensive 16-35mm?…

  7. Great tips. Hope to go FF one day but got some nice indoor kids shots with a cheap Rebel XS and the nifty fifty. Have to start somewhere.

  8. all canons most expensive lenses lol..

  9. Very helpful! Please subscribe to my channel for more helpful videos & tips.

  10. Great! Thanks, the Canon team.

  11. ThankS! Im viewing tha website now .. I actually meant like a set up such as strobe kits, && softboxes but I guess thats not necessary since I see your video on speed lites

  12. By light kit do you mean external flash? Check out our website here: canon.com.au/For-You/Speedlites – let us know if you additional questions. Cheers, the Canon team.

  13. what light kit is the best for beginners?

  14. why is the whole guide about children portraits?

  15. Thanks for your comment. We believe it was the one with IS. Hope you enjoy your EOS 5D Mk II soon! Thanks for continuing to support Canon. Cheers, the Canon team.

  16. BaccillusAnthracis

    nice video,im a canon guy myself and an aspiring photographer.waiting for my 5d mk ii birthday gift from the misis.and hopefully a 16-25mm f2.8 and a 70-200 f2.8 is usm as ive already got the other beast which is the 24-70 f2.8 usm.in this video what kind of 70-200 f2.8 was it?as he didnt mentioned if it was with or without IS?

  17. this guy must have massive hands, those lenses look tiny.. but their not small

  18. Thanks for the positive feedback! Cheers, the Canon team.

  19. I love my 550D,and the cheap 18-55 IS mk I it’s very sharp if you know how to shot with it,great camera,good job Canon.

  20. thanks

  21. littleshoeshopper

    his pictures are amazing

  22. Hmm is this video is about teaching people how to shoot, it maybe would be a better idea to talk about the lower end range of canon gear, not all the high end expensive stuff since those people wont be able to afford that. I understand that canon likes to sell their most expensive gear most though. Ill be running to the store to get me 2x 5D MKII, a 580EXII 24-70L 70-200 2.8L, 85L etc. Oh wait first remortgage my house.

  23. Thank you so much. Can u suggest me any wide and zoom lens. I dint have much bucks to invest, any in range of 350$?

  24. That’s a great combo – it will give you room for the telephoto range of our lenses. You might want to invest in a wider lens as well in the future. Let us know how you go. Cheers, the Canon team.

  25. Thanx for the video. I am deciding to buy canon 550d with 50mm f1.4 and 55-250mm. I need to know should i go for this combo or should i buy some other lenses instead of this?