Portrait Photography using continuous lighting

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  1. Is this unit still good enough for video? am thinking of getting it

  2. Thx

  3. i was wondering if the setting on the camera would be about the same if you are using shoot through umbrellas???

  4. Great tutorial thanks.did you use the flash on your camera or shoot with on flash ?

  5. What kind of canon do you have?

  6. TheZiggiization

    What are the advantages of vinzl, compared to paper backdrop ?

  7. Thanks Gavin,

    Your Tips are extremely valuable to me and I look forward to seeing some more of them.

  8. Vinyl 3 metres wide

  9. TheZiggiization

    i was wondering what is the white background you’re using when shooting in studio? is that muslin? the size?

  10. man, i’m sorry, i didn’t see the title when it started playing – and then i couldn’t make out what was being said. wow – i’m a marooon. thanks though.

  11. There is a clue on the beginning of the video and also in the description and in the commentary

  12. what type of kit was it? where can one purchase it?

  13. AllEverythingHere

    its enough

  14. Why only 480p?

  15. your videos worth watching, they’re realy helpful!

  16. TheNormanvsNorman

    Can i make full body photos using this light? I’m on a budget and i can’t afford flash lights, but i want to make full body shots …. BTW: Very helpful vids, subscribed… Keep on!

  17. If the light was pointed at the background then it would not remain black, its pointed at the hair to define the subject from the background.

  18. Thanks Gavin I have a question. Why didnt you point the back softbox to illuminate the background instead of aiming it towards the models hair? Thanks

  19. Gavin’s the best of the best!

  20. i love these videos but your models look like they want to shoot you…LOL

  21. LightingShowroom

    Hope to see more

  22. If your taking group shots then a studio flash setup.

  23. I’ll be taking portraits, events and small group photos. Which setup would you recommend, the octagonal or three point lighting set up?

  24. oops! should have been 200cm x 150cm

  25. oops! should have been 200 x 150cm