Portrait photography tutorial: Posing and composition | lynda.com tutorial

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  1. 2VisionsPhotography

    This is so Bad. I can shoot better Images with my 100$ Studio light-set up

  2. BonusVideoView

    Way to go! Please subscribe to my channel for more helpful tips & videos.

  3. really bad picturesssssssssss 

  4. Very helpful and inspiring!!

  5. KhmuPrinceCharming

    Hi Natalie!

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. You are such a great teacher and I love your training videos. My first introduction of your training was how to make your photos look great and interesting,where you talked about composition, rule of third,leading line, repeating patterns and etc. You are such amazing instructor and love your attitude. You look great as always! Keep up the great work and looking forward to your future videos.

  6. Thank you for this video. It was very helpful. I enjoyed it!

  7. I like this video!

  8. Fantastic! Thanks Lynda.