Portrait photography tips

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  1. Thanks very much

  2. John, I am really enjoying your videos. I like your straight talking style and you speak a lot of sense. I’m working my way back through them. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  3. True. I have the 35mm f/1.4L. It’s my favourite lens …can’t really describe why. I had the f/2.0 before and that was very good. Makes a noise like 100 mosquitos when focussing but it’s pin-sharp wide open. I mainly use my 5D2 so I’ll be getting a full-frame field of view though. I love my 85mm too. The 85mm and 35mm are perfect complements to each other — I often go out with just these two.

  4. Yes but like i said i like my 85mm more then the 50mm but its nice to have both i am going to buy a 35mm and 24mm prime and sell my zoom lenses

  5. If your using a crop body Camera does the 50mm f1.4 act more like an 85mm??

  6. Yes your right jamie how is the 35 might get one. Also it can depend on what you want to do with the background if it nice in focus if it not out of focus

  7. It’s down to personal preference. I use my 35mm for most portraits. I have an 85 and a 50, but I prefer the focal length of 35mm most of the time. Most people like 85 for portraits. It depends on the effect you want.

  8. Thanks i am going to try do a pose video but remember keep light simple and try keep her busy :). And have fun

  9. kris logan-brown

    i feel like im you a year ago so hopefully in 12 months i should be getting a lot better:) keep these vids coming as they are helping me loads

  10. kris logan-brown

    your vids come handy in the nick of time everytime, ihave a novice model coming round on thursday and i was getting a bit arghh looking at all the photos of all these models, this video has brought it back down to earth and has given me some good ideas for posing.

  11. Well the 35 is nice but with a 50 or 85 you can throw the background out of focus and i have got to say i LOVE my 85mm f1/8

  12. adrian lavelle

    nice on mate
    is my 35mm f1.8 ok for portrait photograpy or should i get a 50mm or a 85mm