Portrait Photography tip (professional photographer magazine emulation)

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Great photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more cool tips & videos.

  2. the nikon speedlights can go to a hyper sync function where you can use any shutterspeed above the normal sync speed.

  3. Dom, with flash you can never go to 1/8000. It’s 1/250 for D700 or FP mode 1/320 max. The D3 does 1/500.

  4. it can go up to 1/8000th if you have nikon speedlights

  5. I’m new to photography and have a D7000. So are you able to use a shutter speed of 1/1500 with flash? My camera can only go up to 1/250 or 1/350 max w/FP.

  6. yeah i think so

  7. just wondering, what aperture did you shoot at? 1.4?

  8. thefilmmakerpro

    Can you achieve the higher sync speed with a canon 550d, I think you were using a nikon but though I saw a canon strap on there! Anyway sweet photos!

  9. CardboardStories

    Love your videos so much! Thanks for the help, its really great.
    Not boring too!

  10. would turning off the TV help? lol

    thanks for doing this – I learned a lot.

  11. Thanks for the tips, I will try a combination of your suggestions. I do own a Nikon. It is sad that Nikon cripples its lower end D40/3000/5000 line by taking away some features in an otherwise excellent camera.

  12. turn offf more lights, cover windows, use a smaller apperture, lower y our iso, use a Neutral density filter, or just ditch the cheaper stuff and buy quality.

    I suggest nikon

  13. You mention using a fast shutter speed to keep the background dark – Is there an alternative way to achieve this in cheaper cameras with a slow flash sync speed and no fp sync option?

  14. thats me added a second link to the desription so clickon that and that will take you to the softbox i used

  15. Great tutorial Dom! Can you please post a link for your softbox. Your BHphoto link is not working. Thanks.

  16. butlerscabin2008

    i liked the photos,but i thought you had way more light on kim’s face than the magazine shot.
    thanks for the review,
    can i shoot at 1/1500th with my sb600?

  17. great video , can i ask what is the different if you set your sb800/sb900 from 18mm to 200mm ?

  18. “delighted” 🙂 KIm is so adorable. great tip DOM thanks for sharing..

  19. webjamphotography

    Thanks for another great vid Dom.

  20. webjamphotography

    ha ha

  21. kim looks bored as hell. good to see you making these kinds of videos again, thanks

  22. kim boyfriend is dom…. lol

  23. Excellent!! I love whn you show us comparisons like this.. cheers!

  24. steeldustbronze

    Does Kim have a boyfriend?

  25. Very nice video, though looking at the original picture, it looks at least to me that the camera left flash is lower than at an 45 angle and possibly a bit closer to center. Also, the hairlight might be more to the side (likely gridded or snooted rather than through an umbrella), though it possibly only looks that way because the original model has blonde hair blonde.

    Very nice reproduction though and a beautiful picture!