Portrait Photography Session

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. IstoryangPagibig

    Thank you for this vid, Greg.´╗┐ Do an indoor one. ­čśÇ

  2. GregoryCazillo

    Its in the works´╗┐ I promise.

  3. can you do a video about posing´╗┐ ? If you are working with a person who’ve never done it before?

  4. ur a very good teacher. Especially for people who just´╗┐ starting out. Thanks for the videos Greg

  5. GregoryCazillo

    Yes, RS-7´╗┐

  6. Greg, is that a Black rapid´╗┐ strap your using.

  7. GregoryCazillo

    Manual´╗┐ mode and mostly f2.8.

  8. Very nice…you made me giggle with´╗┐ your first shots and back of head comments. Were you in Aperature mode the swhole time? What f-stops?

  9. GregoryCazillo

    Its not my style but that can produce´╗┐ great results.

  10. Chelovek77able

    Hi Greg, what`s your´╗┐ opinion about fixed lenses in portrait?

  11. GregoryCazillo


  12. Hi greg! Thanks for this´╗┐ tuto. In wich mode were you shooting, manual mode?

  13. anotherchannel0

    I’ve been watching quite a few of your videos today. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do them. I feel´╗┐ like I’ve learnt a lot from you.

  14. GregoryCazillo

    Not sure what you mean…´╗┐

  15. CarsandGuitars100

    Hey greg, how would I create a glow/´╗┐ high contrast mask for an action/preset in photoshop or lightroom?

  16. GregoryCazillo

    Which´╗┐ lens do you feel is better? My favorite lens period is my 70-200 2.8.

  17. I love the fact that you use´╗┐ a 70-200mm lens… I love my 55-300mm It just works so much better. I’m new to your video which are very helpful! what is your favorite studio lens?

  18. Thanks! I’ve been scouring the web for something´╗┐ like this. You do great work!

  19. GregoryCazillo


  20. I´╗┐ love the one at 6:50!

  21. No1EvrRelyDies

    great´╗┐ video. alot of friends have been asking for a photo shoot this helped me with actually what to do.. thank you.

  22. Awesome´╗┐ videos Greg, thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put into making these!!

  23. Thanks for the video, and I think I would do one two three count too just to make sure the model stay where´╗┐ we want them to stay ­čśÇ and also trying to make the model relax probably is the hardest part. I wonder if you use 50mm lens a lot for portrait too? would be great if u can make the video for it too.

  24. Funny, I don’t recall asking one, but thanks for attempting to answer my non existent question!

    In the same irrelevant style, you have got your answer in the second part of your message:
    “The´╗┐ man went through the trouble to make and post a video, for dickheads like you to come in and criticise” – Exactly and that’s what I’m doing!!!

    Greg I have been following you from the start (since your split) and I imagine´╗┐ you didn’t take offence at my comment. As said previously ‘love the vid’