Portrait Photography RAW EDIT – Adobe Lightroom

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Your videos are great but sorry…  I have to fast forward through your “fro knows photo” thing at the beginning of every video because it raises the hackles on the back of my neck every time.

    Keep up the good work, though.

  2. Your edit was better. I don’t know what the other guy was thinking, lol.

  3. FAIL brotha… Cameras are VERY limited.

  4. Yeah! Fuck Adams and all those other photographers for taking their film to the darkroom and not getting it right in the camera! Amateurs.

  5. you go ahead and get it right in the camera, then when everyone elses images look awesome you can say yeah well i kept it old school. and no one will care

  6. At 15:36 her hair looks red anywayz

  7. who says so? just curious

  8. lisanimhathuna

    Sorry guys, but photography is about getting it right in the camera, not working on the image at your computer for hours on end!

  9. Why not use a reflector and forget the adjustment brush !

  10. This 19:32 video’s really worth for time I spent.

  11. That’s one of my main goal when i shoot things. Keep the editing to a minimum 🙂 I believe that good photographers can get great pictures with close to 0 editing. Editing is kind of like cheating 😛

  12. Have you color-calibrated your monitor? I know it may sound like a stupid question, but just something to think about doing if you haven’t already.

  13. Calibrate ur monitor.

  14. Instead of going through the work of touching up the darker portions of the face, why not just shoot with a fill flash or a reflector? I do anything I can to keep the back end editing to a minimum. Remember “get it right in the camera”?

  15. kotsidakiasM38a1

    241 unopened skype msg LOL

  16. you should tell them not to perform auto corrections on your photo. cuz most of the time they do- without your permission

  17. i don’r know but Jared always trips over himself… most of the times i just skip it and go straight to the Lerner’s part… sorry, nothing personal…

  18. EricElsewhere

    I’ve enjoyed watching your RAW edit videos, and I thought that this might be the right one to ask some questions/give some tips:

    1. @ brush, have you tried using the ‘flow’ slider?
    it acts as the opacity of the brush, making it much more smooth.
    2. @ iris enhancement: use erase brush to fix the lightened eyelid
    3. @ vignetting, did you try using the color priority setting instead of the highlight priority? it still vignettes, but it makes it less obvious when using a dark base and light skies.

  19. Every print lab will give you different results. I always edit per lab, also make sure when you load the prints into the local lab kiosks uncheck the “enhance” button. Take a photo dont do any edits print that photo and this will give you a base line to start with.

  20. How do you like spotify Jared?

  21. If you have to spend alot of time editing your photos, your not a good photographer.

  22. why???

  23. Jared can only go high contrast. Very limited. Adam’s edits are great.