Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques : Portrait Photography Lighting: Subject Placement

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: 3 / 5

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  1. You tell us the eye tracks through an image but leave us with no idea how it is lead or what to do to achieve a desired result. You just told us to think about it and consider it. Most viewers here are rank beginners. Telling them to consider this is like telling a 7th grader to consider calculus in order to work a problem. Reminds me of the Music Man where the students “thought” about their music in order to learn to play. 

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  3. Good video. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Excellent job.

  5. Thanks for that, I really find it so much easier being hearing impaired when these lessons have subtitles, make it sooo much easier.

  6. It’s a video for women……who else would understand this?

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  9. FirebrandNIRE

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  10. Thanks for these videos THEY ARE BRILLIANT in their simplicity which is not easy to achieve.
    Erin Neumeyer is a brilliant photographer with a huge reputation with top agencies and a very kind and gentle spirit so stop being disrespectful and be grateful instead. If its too basic for you, then click somewhere else that’s more aimed your level.

  11. Expertsvillage is filled with Experts who learn beginning photographer the basic skills for photography

  12. expertvillage is village more than expert to me… sorry guys, but most of the things you present is so basic, that my heart hurts… Where is some expert stuff in your material?

  13. terraemotus84

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  14. man, my laptop gets wet, i just hooked on the instructor. she talks like singing

  15. cool stuff. Taking an art class is also an eye opener for any would be photographer. It teaches the art of composition in abstract. Creating within the mind a succinct correlation to the realm of, anything goes. Taunomeechy wrote: It’s not always what you see that compels life, it’s what you don’t see that creates life. Nice tutorial.

  16. xenophobephoto

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  17. notastitchtowear

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  18. The instructor is hot.

  19. nice.. good advice