Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques : Portrait Photography Lighting: How to Shape Light

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  1. @dennisonearth: depends on what your idea of cheap is. also theres nothing wrong with making your own because in the end it is much cheaper, and it makes more sense to learn on something less costly before you go an invest the money in a professional one. Its not even remotely hard to make them either.

  2. @stephaniebsunny: mylar, fire blanket, reflective fabric, or aluminum foil if youre really trying to save money, hot glue and glue gun or some other kind of adhesive, foam core board or card board. you just glue down the the reflective material to the board and voila, simple reflector. theres plenty of tutorials on youtube alone that can show you how to do really nice ones. This would be good to learn with until you can afford the more professional ones.

  3. dennisonearth

    Sorry, but the “garage light” part turned me off. Plus you probably should’ve setup that light 2-3 feet higher, at a “natural” height.

  4. dennisonearth

    Reflectors are cheap. Make sure you get one that can act as a diffuser too. In other words, you want to hold it between the direct sun and your subject. It’s translucent.


  5. Nice vid! good explanations

  6. Foamcore is relatively cheap.

  7. stephaniebsunny

    How can I make my own reflector for outside portraits since I am on a budget?

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    why is it,she’s always your model??

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    Are you married??? lol

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  11. she is very knowledgeable about photography. thank you for sharing

  12. SO KIND of you to share all of your knowledge….. thank you so much

  13. really helpfull, your videos

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  17. Expert village. Using garage lights since 29/11/08.

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