Portrait photography in sunny weather using flash – Week 55

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  1. Good to encourage experimentation, but I am not sure this is a good video. I think the point was to show you can put light where you want it. However in this situation you are fighting the sun and so unless you take the ambient light WAY down you should light the shadows not the sunlit area like one the of the examples here. If you want more directional lighting don’t do it in such strong sunlight where you are competing with the sun. Low ambient light allows for the flash to be the dominant li

  2. buchmanndesign

    Good video… but I think you’d get better results if the sun is behind the subject, thus putting the face fully in her own shadow. Then use fill flash to light the face from the side. You’ll get great portrait light, and probably a nice hair rim light from the sun. 🙂

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  4. Amazing video. Thank you. Made me subscribe. One question. Why did you separate the flash from the camera AND changed your camera settings? In other words couldn’t you achieve similar results with the flash connected to the camera but running in manual mode with f11 & 1/250 or so? Thank you !

  5. Very helpful indeed, thanks!

  6. Gavin,

    I am looking for a Digital SLR.
    I am a beginner and I have never used a DSLR before. I have a small understanding how things work by following along with your videos.
    I am interested in your kind of photography: landscapes, close up, depth-of-field…

    Could you please recommend a cheap-ish Digital SLR and any lenses you can think of.


    P.S. What camera do you use?

  7. onekoolbrothansa

    Excellent my friend

  8. Shoult have added a shoot thru umbrella to get even better results

  9. harjitsunnymail

    Bravo oooooo ooo

  10. Thanks Gavin, I learn a lot

  11. Excellent explanation! This is how I want to learn photography – by having all of the different methods shown and explained before coming to a conclusion about what’s best.

    Just subscribed!

  12. Not sure if joking, trolling, or just retarded…

  13. Excellent. I added this to my “PhotoGavin list”

  14. Well done, good instructional vid clip, as a wedding photographer mid day sun does cause alot of probs and this year I’m going to step up my game with off camera flash, this vid has given me the confidence 🙂

  15. nice!

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  17. now i know how.

  18. Pedobear approve this video.

  19. uchilledfrance

    Spot on. 400D it is. 🙂

  20. FernandoSuneth


  21. Hello
    I like the way explain the imaging
    And follow up for you in YouTube

  22. nice vid.
    can you please tell me what wireless device you used to trigger the flash.h
    ow much did they cost you.

    once again great vid.

  23. : There is a risk involved with using older flash devices on new DSLR flashes.
    When triggering the flash there CAN be (this isn’t allways the case) a “backfire” caused by the flash pulse (the flash pulse itself can be around 600V).
    In newer flash devices this probably is TTL-logic (digital 5V) but in older flashes this can be a pulse beyond 5V causing electronics in your camera to malfunction (defects are also a possible effect of this.)

  24. you ROCK! GAVIN!!

  25. Actually maybe YOU’RE the one with the sick mind having thought of it. That’s Gavin’s daughter and he is simply very proud to include her in his works as any father would be. Gavin has done a lot of great videos and generously shares his work and knowledge with all who want to learn and you should be thankful for it. What are you even doing here anyway? Go troll somewhere else. Gavin is very respected in the photo world and by us too.