Portrait Photography in Direct Sunlight with Pop-up Flash

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  1. my left ear suddenly became lonely……

  2. Lucyyyy!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice… nice… thanks!

  4. try changing white balance settings to control color temperature (warm / cool) brightness can be controlled with power settings on the flash unit

  5. jerseyman9080

    I have a SB900 when i try to use it outside it make my pic so bright and warm. What should i do ?

  6. you can also try to set it to Custom WB.
    We have a video on that…. 

  7. Nice video. I have a nikon. When I use my popup flash in sunlight with AWB set to auto. My photo become very warm (yellow). Setting it to Flash WB makes it worst, what help is setting it to direction sun WB. Any comments?

  8. thanks for letting us know. Actually the latest tutorial we did this week is in HD and still loads pretty fast….so all the new ones will have even better quality.

  9. zasvedogovore

    I watch your vids full screen
    Thank you