Portrait Photography For Everyone by Monte Zucker

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Very nice! Helpful photo info. Please subscribe to my channel for more great tips and videos.

  2. Hi there, my comment was just a joke, the whole thing looks dark and muddy on my screen, but I reckon it’s just the video. I was lucky enough to do some work with the late Monte Zucker way back in the 90’s, I learned loads, he was a master with the lighting, so I’m guessing it’s just a dark video?

  3. He is exposing for highlights, but is still to dark overall. The model doesn’t stand out from the background. Especially his hair almost blends together with the background. I think the photo could use some overall brightness, or a flash/light behind the model to sharpen the edges around him.
    But it could be the video that’s dark and not the photo? 🙂

  4. Because he is exposing for the highlights!!

  5. He is a great photographer, but i think this portrait is under exposed too much.

  6. great video. Mr Zucker talked about the lighting ratio of main light, hair light and background light. how about the light that is 45 degree behind?

  7. WEll DONE!

  8. very niely done. thank you

  9. getthepicturetv1

    The Great Monte! I took his workshop 4 times each time I learned something new. I saw him in seminars about 7 times starting in 1976 at the Playboy club in Sparta N.J. for the PPNJ