Portrait Photography Editing Tips

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  1. BonusVideoView

    Way to go! Please subscribe to my channel for more helpful tips & videos.

  2. Greg is awesome

  3. shanethemainman

    i think it is the / or key to leave the mask on.. could be wrong.

  4. julianmarinov

    To leave the mask, just click on the “Show selected mask overlay” at the bottom, just above the miniatures of the photos ;)

  5. BigPhotoReview

    If you use a mask in photoshop you can leave it on while your softening out the skin.


  7. launeisaac1234

    could you explain the lighting setup used in this photo

  8. Hey Greg, you wanted to know how to keep the mask locked on.
    Actually it is very easy. When you’re using your brush There’s a little check box under the picture, it says ” Show Selected Mask Overlay”. It’s situated one centimeter above the row of thumbnails. I hope my indications were clear enough. 🙂

  9. I have elements right now.  Would you suggest moving up to full Photoshop or Lightroom to edit?

  10. Press “O” to keep the mask on. There is also a check that you can hook to make it visible.

  11. Teeth Whitening - You can use it to whiten the white portion of the eyes 🙂

  12. Thanks, great tips!

    A before and after pictures of the face would be nice. 

  13. Yes. “o” keeps the mask on. Also, if you go tools – adjustment brush overlay, you can change the color.

  14. tinylittlesun

    Could you guys maybe do a couple of videos editing on photoshop?

  15. Are you drunk?

  16. Check the “Show selected mask overlay” checkbox which is located on the gray bar immediately below the image you’re editing to keep the mask displayed as you’re editing. It’s in Lightroom 3.

  17. Did she just have dental surgery? Her left side? Wow! Good video

  18. GregoryCazillo

    Sure! Mainlight was a single strobe camera right and about 2′ above her face. Hairlight (I think) was on camera left, behind her with a 1′ softbox. The background and little bit of fill light was stray light bouncing around the studio.

  19. GregoryCazillo

    Sure! Thanks for the idea!! Glad we could help.

  20. GregoryCazillo

    Yeah never paid attention to that bar except in Grid View….I knew it had to be somewhere!!! Thanks.

  21. i asked how to do eyes on the forum a few days ago, thanks for this

  22. you can use the ALT key on a PC. and you can use the “O” key i think to make it allways on.

  23. can you talk about your setup in the studio? what light/flash did you use, which camera, lense, aperture and so on

  24. Or just pressing the hotkey “O” will switch between showing and hiding the mask.

  25. I love the lightroom tips. Just ordered LR3 today and cant wait to get it. The IMac is in two weeks!!! Thanks Greg for keeping it simple!