(Portrait Photography) Different Styles of Portraits

Portrait Photography Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. both the 50mm and 35mm. I have only done one wedding before and did not like it.

  2. Were u using the 50mm? and do u do photography for weddings?

  3. thank you. I do that because I like to get my pictures right by checking the screen and making sure my exposure is accurate. I dont like to upload pictures and find out that they were to over exposed or under exposed. Its not like it takes that long either to look at the screen. For me its to make sure that the pictures looks good and I already got into that habit.

  4. AllEverythingHere

    i like your photos and videos a loooooot you are great but i noticed that you are chimping…..whats up with that ?

  5. Thank you, no I havent done that before. Im pretty sure that that effect is done using off camera flashes.

  6. I really enjoy your videos. Awesome job ! When doing portraits do you ever create a solid black background behind your subjects without a backdrop? Do you know how to do that?

  7. yes this is my personal opinion and mixed with the two years of photography classes and experience that I have had. Ive been published in a photography book where I live, as well as a part time photographer. Im currently in college taking more classes in photography.

  8. You give a lot of information on something that is so subjective… where are your credentials? Why should somebody listen to you on how to sell your work? Just curious. Thanks

  9. im just saying my opinion but u know better than that!

  10. who are you to judge what angles and composition is good? Every photographer has their own unique style. Also I had to come up with these pictures on the spot, its not like it was a planned thing.

  11. good equipment bad Composition and angle!

  12. Cool video! you’d fit in so well at the studio i work at

  13. No problem.

  14. Thanks for that, I dont know why It did that :/

  15. Great video, just the audio is out on the left (except for the intro, effect and outro). Thanks for the tips! Keep it up!

  16. caomingtranhn

    Nice set , like the b/w photo.