Portrait Photography Composition – Working with Hands & Feet

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Great tips, thanks!

  2. keep doing your thing brother you ROCK 😛

    the white background looks great too !
    take care from montreal canada !!!

  3. DarkShinigami24

    You,my good sir, need to publish your own book with all these tips- and on how to pose people! Amazing. going to use all your tips to shoot my first wedding on Saturday!

  4. Great information, this is the hardest part of people photography I think, getting them into comfortable positions that work. Ive subscribed!

  5. thanks

  6. GregoryCazillo

    I promise they are on my list. I have a bunch of them in mind.

  7. Greg, we really need the posing videos. there is enough technical information everywhere, i already know more than enough tech, but when it comes to “-hey,how shall i stand? what pose to make?” – i’m lost, i can’t think out completely anything 🙂 or i can learn by heart some poses from an old russian “teach-yourself book for models”, but i don’t know when to apply which pose, so that book is not an effective learning source

  8. 1 “Dislike”… his wife must have cropped his balls out.. not Greg’s problem!

  9. JanErikEdvartsen

    It’s perfect if you have the Rule of Thirds in mind. His eyes fall on the uppermost line.

  10. GregoryCazillo

    Take good photos.

  11. How should you launch a photography career? :0

  12. MrPhoenix8008

    great advice great photos Greg thank you!

  13. GregoryCazillo

    Not if it needs to be cropped to 8×10 which happens quite often.

  14. Jeez I feel i should be paying you for all these free tutorials you dive us. Thanks boss.

  15. 6:59 a little too much headroom in my opinion

  16. a lot of photographers, even pros that get’s published, crop fingers, hands, wrists, forehead, ankles, etc. It’s NOT a style choice, it is a technical error on user side, 1 being releasing the photo is an error with the poor crop, and 2 not paying attention when cropping in camera or in post crop.

  17. Great video as always Greg. Keep em’ coming 🙂

  18. I KNEW there was a reason I’d subscribed. Mental note made (no chopping limbs and digits off at the joints). Not something I’d ever thought about but makes perfect sense now I’ve seen examples. Thank you Greg. 🙂

  19. farhanshaheen

    Always liked the cropped by camera over doing crop in post. And nice helpful video.

  20. Great interesting video. Really puts taking portraits into perspective. Alot of details to pay attention too. Love the new video layout.

  21. Great video. With the new white background and format you’ve brought it from just a guy doing videos to a professional looking web based show.  Now you need to add a cool intro with music.

  22. Great video Greg!

  23. Another good one Cazillo, have always like the straight forward style.

  24. jimmycrackedcorn226

    Use some of my work! :D

  25. Very nice video Greg!