Portrait Photography Business Tips – Where Do I Start In My Photography Business?

Portrait Photography Video clip Rating: five / five

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  1. spectrum2000now

    That’s also my problem with information overload then I really don’t know what should really be the first step.

  2. JoshuaBeeLoved

    Which camera? Lol

  3. NSC chinguen a su madre- 😀 j/k

  4. newportraitbiz

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll play with the lighting.

  5. Good day, I share your comment on not been to keen on writing, I like to visually communicate than to write, I guess that’s way I like photography. Thru it you say 1000 words.
    I enjoy your videos, congrats.

  6. I think the new camera looks great! Just need more front light, you have raccoon eyes from the overhead light. O yea, great direction for getting the plan going and started!

  7. TheLiamBrewster

    This has been a top tip! im in exactly that position…. been thinking for the last 6 months about going serious with photography … so ive sat down with a pen and paper and written down what i need before i can go… and seeing the list on paper is definatly overwhelming but on the flip side so satisfying as you go down ticking things off and seeing that end goals get closer and closer

    Great tips!! thanks