Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Video Score: 4 / 5

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  3. Cool video, thx for sharing. Nice corporate shots, I’ll check for a DVD

  4. Fantastic video! thanks for sharing it.

  5. great lesson ….i love this

  6. Ha Ha Ha ..he said HEADSHOT ! he must play a lot of counter strike. 🙂

  7. jerseyman9080

    Title should be *DVD uses player in Photography*

  8. DontBroadcstYourself

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  9. watch my collection of portraits from cambodia – canon 7d and canon 50 D and nikon D300 S .Lenses used , canon 17-40 , canon 100 mm macro , canopn 50 mm 1.4, canon 70 – 300 mm .

  10. indnetsupport

    Carrying a DVD player and using it for showing clients is an excellent idea. However, is it not better to carry the laptop instead, because not only you can show bigger picture to your client, you can also do some adjustments including clicking through the laptop. While you are carrying huge bags with lots of accessories to the client’s place, laptop will take merely any noticeable space! What do you think?

  11. Whoa I didn’t know you could tether with a DVD, that is neat, was thinking to install Lr on my laptop. But yeah what cable did you use? Thank you

  12. What type of cable is needed to plug the portable DVD player into the camera?  Is there a need for an extra piece to make it work properly?

  13. 5*****

  14. treeextensions

    Thank you David, that was helpful.

  15. i don’t see the reason for all this dvd/laptop thing anyway..

  16. I like the portable dvd idea.

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  19. uSuckAtPhotography

    Great info,,esspecially the DVD player tip. 🙂

  20. why not just use a fuckin laptop man

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  22. i tried the dvd thing with the cables that was recomended and it didn’t work for me on my Canon 50d and 20 d

  23. Hi!
    first at all: great job!!! 🙂
    I just have a question: how did you set the camera for the executive portrait and for the enviromental portrait?
    thx a lot!

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