Portrait of Tokyo, street photography documentary, Jan.2009

Portrait Photography Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. My Ship Isn’t Pretty by Kings of Convenience
    love them too

  2. TheSleeplessArtist

    Very beautiful

  3. FUJI X-TRA color film

  4. thanks a lot.

  5. reflections

  6. did you double expose, or were those reflections?

  7. that’s some great work in there buddy.

  8. kings of convenience 🙂 they’re lovely!

  9. the music is so beautiful, who’s the musician? i really need to know!
    great photos by the way….:)

  10. nice, really nice.

  11. kotetsuoosawagi

    hi, nice shots. what film are u using for this serie?

  12. 0:48 is my fav..